When's your next massage visit? Did you know.....

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Slay Magazine
Key points to remember when scheduling and while at your next massage appointment.

1. A Male MT should NEVER touch you like your husband! A professional masseuse is not in the business to become stimulated or to arouse you. Their job is to scientifically relax your muscles with massage techniques learned in school and not to touch your body in any intimate way. They also should NEVER lay the top half of their body on yours.

2. You should ALWAYS document in writing the areas you want focused during the massage. If you select only shoulders; neck; back; and arms, your breasts and buttocks or anywhere else should not be touched. If you reference four areas, one area should not be the only area inappropriately to which they focus.

3. Massage oil is NOT a lubricant. It should not be thrown on you like a hobby or foreplay and it should not drip off you. Also, you should not leave the company dripping in massage oil.

4. At NO time during a massage should you be in a position like you are neither handcuffed, nor any other compromising position where you are vulnerable or unable to move swiftly. You should never have to plan or think about how you’re going to get off the table quickly to defend yourself.

5. At NO time should a massage therapist focus on a pressure point by which if manipulated correctly you would pass out.

6. If you pay for a 60-min massage, you SHOULD receive all of the time to which you have purchased.

7. Your masseuse should NEVER breathe heavy, moan, make sounds, or any other noise; but should be silent or check on you during your massage.

8. You should NEVER be exposed in a massage, especially after you have expressed you’re not comfortable and/or dictated the areas of the body you do not want touched.

9. Massage is NOT yoga or Pilates. Postures during a massage are unacceptable (i.e. being placed on your side and breasts exposed without anything covering you repeatedly is unacceptable).

10. When visiting a new establishment, be sure to check reviews and state complaints of the establishment and the masseuse because there is a difference between the establishment and the masseuse. Be sure state licenses are hung with the appropriate degrees and complaint information. If it’s not there, leave immediately.

11. A masseuse is NOT a life coach and should not lecture you about your kids, how you live, who is in your life, or about mother earth. Period. They should not try to scapegoat their wrong doing with the fact that you are tense. Also, they should not advise you of what kind of clothes to wear back on your next visit.

Per Daychell Bridges who is a Master Therapist; Trainer; and the owner of Spa Kneeds, there is a difference between a massage therapist and masseuse. A masseuse stimulates like a mate but does not have to be licensed; however, a massage therapist will be licensed with the ability to do the same things as a masseuse.

Did You Know?

• Did you know Foot Spas or Reflexology places are not licensed massage therapists? Do the research yourself.

• You can report any massage therapists or establishments in Texas at https://www.dshs.texas.gov/massage/mt_complaint.shtm. Not all establishments here in Texas are regulated properly. Also, contact the police if you have been violated.

• Draping (being covered) is NOT a state requirement but a client/therapist consideration. Meaning a massage therapist should comply with your desire and need to be covered.


• Listen to your gut and discernment.

• Don’t be afraid to get up.

• Your spouse or a friend should go with you or at minimum know where you are.

• Always prepare and practice for emergencies so you can always know what you will do in the event you are violated or assaulted because you don’t have time to be frozen in fear.

• Be wise. God has plans for you, NOT to harm you. Jeremiah 29:11-14.

By: Jennifer Hobson


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