Come SLAY with Slay Magazine!

Who is Slay Magazine?

Slay Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that SLAYs all areas of life!

Since 2015, this international publication has continued to be a positive media platform in a world that can quite often seem so negative. Published bi-annually this both print and digital magazine has continued to be a distinguished media influencer for both youth and adults while providing inspiration and information on the latest news, fashion, beauty, relationship, entertainment, business, wellness, technology, and much more. Our mission is to encourage, empower, educate, and elevate our readership and audience while providing a media platform that is designed to SLAY for all ages and ethnicity. Our goal is to continue to SLAY so that our magazine is a household brand for all SLAYers!

How can I purchase Slay Magazine?

Our magazines can currently be purchased via Issuu, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Our magazines can also be purchased via our Slay Magazine page on our website. Please review our media kit and our SLAYvertise page for more insight on our platform for your advertising needs.

What is 50 Shades of Slay Fashion & Entertainment Shows?

Since 2015, Slay Magazine has produced annual fashion and entertainment events. These family-friendly events are designed to SLAY with fashion designers & boutiques, models, businesses, and other SLAYers for a night of fun, entertainment, and most importantly FASHION! Slay Magazine hosts a casting call for each production with a selective panelist of influencers and well-known panelists that assist with the selection of the show's participants. This casting call is for high-fashion designers, models, performers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and volunteers for our production. To date, Slay Magazine's fashion & entertainment productions has had celebrity fashion designers and models that travel from a variety of states to participate. A portion of the proceeds from our events are donated to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our 2023 fashion & entertainment show dates are Youth & Teen Casting (up to 19 years of age) on January 22nd, Spring/Summer Casting (all ages) on February 19th, Spring/Summer Fashion & Entertainment Show is tentatively set for June 11th, Youth & Teen Fashion & Entertainment Show on July 22nd, Fall/Winter Casting will be in mid-August, & Fall/Winter Fashion & Entertainment Show will be Veteran's Day weekend (Friday or Sunday). Tickets, vendor opportunities, & sponsor opportunities are available via Eventbrite and our Event Purchasing page on our website.

Always remember that "Slay Magazine is more than just a magazine; we are a SLAYstyle!"

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