What's your "One Thing"

Friday, February 2, 2018
Kim Roderick
Why Working on One Thing Results in Better Business for Your Business

Still wearing the gazillion hats as an entrepreneur? We thought so. I want to share with you the benefit of focusing on the “One Thing” in your business that can save time and lead to the road of amazing results. Right now, like many entrepreneurs, you’ve got a head start on your business profit goals for the first quarter. Yet, a part of you is still in a frenzy wondering how you’re going to do it all. Most times we make the mistake of trying to do it all and it stifles our creativity to do the one thing we are really good at. It is the one thing and the main reason we went into business in the first place which is to solve a problem; however, we can’t solve “THE” problem when we are bogged down with solving many of our own problems in the business.  Now enters the voice of reason. It’s important to make this year’s goals with a new resolution to work better. We work better by focusing on the one thing we do well. What is that one thing? Solving the problem our customers and clients are facing. We can’t solve their problems AND keep putting out fires behind the scenes. Eventually, it will spill over into the work that you do in multiple ways.

There’s a better way to do business. It’s time now in the thick of it all to elicit the help you need before you need the help. Here are four (4) reasons why focusing on one thing can breed better results for your business:

  • Decide on the “One Thing” that needs the most attention in your business and then decide how you’re going to address it. If your “One Thing” is increasing your customer base, then focus on this and get help for the management of your day-to-day tasks while you work the one thing. This means when you view the big picture, decide what you need to focus on and then create the action that will feed what you need.  
  • Incorporate a business application into your business model. It will be a huge life saver to help keep your projects, appointment, and business both on task and on time. Actually commit to an application that can help you stay organized in your business. Some examples include 17 Hats, Shake, and other top business solutions to help make it easier.  
  • Hire an Assistant or Virtual Assistant (VA) that has experience in being the back office for your business type. This is very important because you must know what you need and whether what they offer marries with the true needs of your business. This is not just hiring a VA to say you have a VA. This is an intentional decision.
  • Create an end and then a beginning. Once you’ve identified what you need to focus on, draw the conclusion to “if I do this, then this will happen”. You fill in the blank. Then you can see exactly what you need to increase revenue, to increase clientele, to use the right people that can help you get there, and to do it again.

This is why you must focus on the one thing. Continue to sharpen your expertise in your area of business. Always strive to be better, to be different, and to be more appealing to your target market more than ever this year. Doing the “One Thing” that you do well will result in better business for your business. What do you want more of? Find out your “One Thing” and celebrate a big win this first quarter.


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