Wealth Isn't for the Wealthy - Wealth is for the Smart!

Sunday, April 2, 2017
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How to create wealth...

Do you believe that being predisposed with the ability to become wealthy is the only way to earn good money? Fortunately, the reality is that wealth belongs to those who are smart in the ways they go about claiming and creating it.

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Being able to make money even without having that background from the onset is definitely attainable, as long as you put some thought and creativity into your wealth making opportunities. Making solid financial decisions and choosing sound investment options are simply the best ways to become wealthy once and for all.

Here are three simple, yet effective, tips you can apply to your life that can help to create the wealth you deserve:

  1. Break down your big goal. "I want to be rich!" Just about everybody you can think of has said this at one point or another in his or her lives. Being wealthy is something that most of us dream about - however very few are able to achieve - because we look at it as a large, insurmountable goal. Remember:
  • Looking at your desired achievement as an overwhelmingly huge goal makes it very difficult to obtain. In fact, it almost always amounts to a mere dream if we overlook setting small, attainable goals towards that major goal. And that's one of the keys for becoming wealthy.
  • Break your financial goal into smaller, more achievable ones that you can set reasonable timeframes on. You'll be surprised to see how you progress towards your huge goal once you set smaller ones that are much easier to achieve.
  1. Avoid using credit if you can't pay by cash. One of the simplest and most effective tips for building wealth is to avoid credit. And what that means essentially is avoiding credit if you see no way to repay it in the short term. Remember:
  • If it isn't possible for you to have the cash to settle your credit card expenses each month, then avoid making purchases with the card.
  • By choosing to purchase only what you can afford to purchase with cash, you can undoubtedly start to create wealth for yourself.
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  1. Live within your means. Sure, there will be things you see that you want to do, acquire, or simply accomplish. However:
  • If it's not financially easy for you to do something or acquire something, then perhaps you should leave it alone for the time being.
  • It's very likely that something you aren't able to do this month or this year will be more than possible in the near future.
  • You should only focus on doing things and acquiring things that you are financially able to without feeling stressed in the pockets. The more often you practice that approach, the closer you'll be to having financial freedom.

Creating wealth requires very little money and quite a bit of financial "smarts." The more reasoning, thought, and common sense you put into your financial decisions, the sooner you'll find yourself becoming wealthy. Count yourself amongst the masters of wealth by applying some creative thinking.

Achieve your financial goals by taking it in stride and believe that you are predisposed to the same wealth as anyone else!

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By: Lorene Collier Purcy


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