TRUE Kitchen Dallas - Owner Stays TRUE

Monday, November 30, 2020
Lanette Slay
TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails Dallas - Owner stays TRUE to his vision!

The ambiance, dining experience, and food options give an upscale dining perception; however, the music sometimes give “club” vibes. Guests at TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails this weekend decided to twerk to the music while enjoying their food. Social media has a multitude of recordings showing the owner expressing his distaste for their actions and advising them to leave the establishment if they want to continue that behavior. Sounds innocent, right?

The facts. The fact of the matter is that restaurants such as TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails are made for DINING. They’re not made for twerking or stepping or anything other than fine dining. Another fact is that the owner had a valid point as he expressed how he’s invested too much time and money into creating a business with higher expectations of the African American culture. Imagine spending your hard earned money on your dream and feeling as if you’re doing something for your culture. Imagine being proud of your accomplishments and being proud to provide “your people” with a place where they can relax in their own environment only to have “your people” stand on your furniture and belittle you for wanting and expecting more. There is one concern though. With this type of expectation of the customers, should there also be an even higher expectation of the employees?

The opinions. Opinions are running rapid on social media advising if the owner does not want twerking then he should be mindful of the music played. This is a great point; however, is this truly a valid excuse for twerking on the furniture? Let’s think about it and play this scenario.

Scenario: Your corporate employer allows you to listen to music while you’re working. Your music choice is is Juvenile “Back that A** Up”.

Question: Are you allowed to jump up from your desk and start twerking and backing you butt up near your desk? Are you allowed to stand and put one foot in your chair while you “throw it back”?

Logical Response: We honestly doubt that would go over well especially if there are cameras or other employees near your area.

What we’ve provided are just devil’s advocate ways of seeing both sides. Yes, you’re spending your money; however, is it no longer popular to carry one’s self with a little class in nicer establishments? Please remember that TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails has been established in Dallas, TX for approximately four (4) months. Was the owner’s response a bit harsh and too emotional? Most definitely. Should the PR Team quickly perform damage control and consult with their client to ensure this type of response never happens again? Most definitely. Should everyone continue to reserve their tables to enjoy the amazing ambiance and continue to support this black owned established? Most definitely. In the midst of this all, NO ONE IS PERFECT. It is important that everyone understands this. The owner of TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails is human just as everyone else which means he will make mistake especially when he feels that something he’s passionate about is being taken for granted. It is important that everyone is response for their own actions and everyone deserves a second chance. Stay TRUE and continue your support for TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails.

(NOTE. This article is in no means siding with the actions taken by the owner of TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails or the patrons who were asked to leave the establishment.


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