#TheKingToDallas – T.I. or Tip?

Friday, May 20, 2016
Slay Magazine

SLAYtastic rapper, designer, and reality show host T.I. was in the city of Dallas on September 27th and 28th to kick off his birthday bash! He was escorted through the city by, none other than, Teirney Johnson who is the Founder of The ELO Group, LLC. It was a SLAYzing time! He kicked off his birthday bash, as many Texans did, by enjoying a Cowboys game at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, TX. Although the Falcons trumped the Cowboys by one point, the Cowboys’ loss definitely did not have the rapper’s fans in a slump when it was time to party. Maybe his appearance is what softened the blow! After he posted several videos and pictures with his fans on social media, he was quickly escorted to his next destination.

His next destination was Urban Connections. Urban Connections is a clothing store in the Southwest Center Mall. T.I. greeted his fans by taking “group selfies,” signing autographs, and letting everyone know that Akoo Clothing and HustleGang apparel are the apparel lines that will SLAY the game! The media and other up-and-coming artists were on the scene with the King! Media avenues such as Men of Business, WMRM family, especially the talented Laydee Savage, and Slay Magazine were big fans of T.I.T.I. wrapped up his night at Onyx Dallas! When the King invaded Onyx, he definitely showed his fans the meaning of his coined phrase “turn it” because his birthday bash was TURNT. Lines wrapped around the building and his fans were SLAYcited to stand and wait.

T.I. showed more love to his fans by performing his new and greatest hits such as “Check Run It,” “Peanut Butter Jelly,” and “You Don’t Know Me.” His EP “Da Nic” definitely had the crowd hyped! The rapper was appearing to enjoy his birthday bash with his fans just as much as his fans enjoyed spending his birthday with him. T.I. also brought some friends along! There were guest appearances by other icons such as Jermaine Dupri, Gunplay, Trae Da Truth, and K104’s very own, Hollywood Bay Bay. He was engaging and made sure he maintained the crowd’s attention by his SLAYtastic performance! A few times we thought he forgot he was on stage because he was having such a great time! He did have one major announcement for his fans. He wanted them to know that he will now be acknowledged as “Tip”! If you watch his show “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle,” then you are probably accustomed to calling him “Tip” already! This change is another phase in the “Grown Man Status” that Tip portrays. 

You would think that would be all, right? Not for Tip! If anyone knows Tip then you know that “Tip loves the kids.” This means that more than likely he will always make plans to spend time with the youth. His final destination before departing Dallas was James Madison High School. Tip capped off his SLAY birthday on September 28th by speaking with high school kids about the importance of life and how important school is in their lives. We are sure that this same speech may sound like “blah, blah, blah” coming from parents, teachers, and faculty; however, who would not take heed when it is coming from the King? The students were excited and honored. Great job Tip!

Bringing #TheKingToDallas was definitely a SLAYsome move by The ELO Group, LLC. The one thing that Slay Magazine can and will say about Tip is that he definitely has full SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY! He came, he turned up, and he showed how to truly SLAY your birthday! Thank you King! Slay Magazine hopes to spend even more birthdays with you! Be sure to get Tip’s new EP “Da Nic” on iTunes ASAP!

By: Nykol Harris


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