The Season of Virgos

Friday, July 1, 2016
LaTarsha Towers

Tis the season for VIRGOS! We are more than excited! A Virgo is a different type of person. They are kind yet rowdy yet oh so sweet. They are brutally honest which can definitely at times be a character flaw for them. The one thing you do not do is ask a Virgo their opinion more than once or force them to answer a question they have evaded. Situations like those have more than likely ended several relationships and friendships for Virgos. Not because they are mean but because they believe in total honesty so when they give you the simple, “Oh. Okay.” Response the best case scenario would be to leave it at that. Did you know that a Virgo can be one of your best friends? One thing a Virgo values is loyalty. Seems simple huh? If you get a Virgo to open up to you rather it’s friendship or relationship, you have literally won the lottery! They are extremely reserved and protective when it comes to their thoughts and feelings. Their philosophy is quite simple, “Everyone doesn’t need to know how I am feeling!” If they seem standoffish, it’s only because the millions of thoughts running through their mind at seconds per minute are trying to register whatever situation they have encountered. If they move quickly to a situation, it is not because they have not thought it through (although this is the common misconception). A Virgo’s mind does not shut off. They play thoughts repeatedly in their minds before they fall asleep, while they are sleeping, and when they wake up in the morning. They are extremely high in their expectations of others but even higher in their expectations of themselves. If they make a mistake, it is the end of the world. Not because they want to be perfect but because the way their brain repetitively processes their thoughts they feel they have covered every aspect of situations. If something Virgo “slips by them”, it is definitely a heart wrenching experience for them. Don’t take them personal; it’s just in their nature.


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