The Good Wife vs Army Wives

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
LaTarsha Towers

These are definitely two television sitcoms that we feel are similar in content but amazing to discuss. On one hand you have “The Good Wife,” which if you have never seen it, let us tell you that it is a true inspiration to women. This sitcom leads focuses on the life of Peter and Alicia Florrick. Peter was a district attorney turned politician. In the midst of his career, a scandal was revealed that Peter slept with prostitutes. This scandal inevitably led to the destruction of Peter and Alicia’s marriage but not his or her career. The scandal landed Peter in jail, which put Alicia in the position to be the “provider” for their two children. The issue was that Alicia had been out of work for years due to not pursuing her career as an attorney to be a mother. It’s great to know high people in high places. Alicia was soon given the opportunity from her old college buddy, Will, to work in one of the top law firms. Will opening this door for Alicia to re-enter the workforce opened so many other doors for Alicia. These doors not only improved her career but these doors ultimately provided Alicia with a sense of independence. Alicia was so adjusted to being a wife and mother with her husband taking care of their finances that she didn’t believe she could step into the workforce. Once she started working, she was intimidated by the change in the workforce and by the age of her peers. The one thing she maintained was her determination. She was determined to provide a life for her family. She relocated to a more cost-efficient apartment and took the workforce by storm. Throughout the show, Alicia becomes partner at the law firm, she leaves to start her own law firm, she runs for a political position, and much more. The bottom line is that she finds herself and builds a life for herself in the midst of a storm. When faced with adversity, she sees life as the glass half full. Although the chips did not always land in her favor and some days she felt she physically could not keep going, she continued and did not allow life’s circumstances to defeat her. Throughout this sitcom, we notice how Alicia learns confidence, self-dependency, and much more.

On the other hand you have “Army Wives,” which provides insight into the life of Army spouses. Not sure why they named it “Army Wives” since one of the main spouses was a male but the show is still a great show. This show centers around how Army spouses handle living on base, deployment, finances, and much more. The one key thing is that it shows that the Army values loyalty and governs as a family. It shows a sisterhood and a bond but once your soldier is no longer a soldier or the spouses divorce; the Army life is different. The show advises if a soldier is killed in combat that the spouses are allowed six months until they have to move off base; however, they do give them a generous check. Divorce is another issue. Once couples divorce, the spouse (even if kids are involved) has to move off base. Actually, both parties have to move off base unless the soldier keeps the kids six months and one day per year. Wow! The sad part of this show is the deployments. It’s hard to see the high and low emotions of kids and spouses when knowing their soldier is about to leave to possibly never return. This show reflects how a group of spouses bond and support each other through Army life. Through deployments, through marital issues, through financial issues, through pregnancies and deaths, and much more. During deployment, these spouses have to find a way to balance bills, balance their home lifestyles, and much more. Some of the main issues were depression, finances, and kid’s behavior during deployment.

How do these shows resemble? These shows resemble in my opinion because they both reflect how families come together when life throws lemons. Keeping in mind that just like Alicia initially depended on Peter to provide for their family, the Army spouses depend on their soldiers. Although the Army perks and amenities are amazing, sometimes the bills are just a little more. What do you do? These shows are perfect references. These shows provide ways to build independence, self-esteem, family involvement, and much more. Be sure to catch both shows on either Netflix or Hulu if you have not already seen them to give us your feedback.


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