The Fat Girl Chronicles

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Slay Magazine

There’s a big movement for plus-size women that is growing more each day. We, as a society, are being made to sit up and take notice that not only are there beautiful and sexy plus-size women, but there are confident, beautiful, and sexy plus-size women. I am not here to talk about whether those ladies exist. I am here to try and get the record straight on what we really consider plus-size.

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In the fashion industry, I have been told that plus-size is now considered size 10 and over. So, that curvy sister with the flat stomach, toned arms, and Coca-Cola body is considered plus-size? I was at an event yesterday and the question came up about plus-size women and someone commented about Jill Scott being plus-size at a size 18 to 22. If that is plus-size, then what is a size 22 and over? Are they plus plus-size? There are so many different standards of plus-size that it has gotten more difficult to define it. If we can’t define it, then what will women do?  My husband and I were talking the other day. He said that he believes no matter how a man looks that he will most likely never have a problem getting a woman. Women don’t have the same luxury. We already outnumber the men in most states by 4 to 1. What kind of life does the plus plus-size woman have? What life is she expected to have?

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When she goes out with her girlfriends, she rarely gets a second glance or a dance. She often gets passed by for her skinnier or even thick, plus-size girlfriends. When she’s out, she is watched to see how much she will eat. When she is shopping with her girls, she doesn’t have many options of clothing; therefore, she has to make due with what she can find.

What are we saying to her? Are we saying we don’t care about how she looks or how she feels? Are we saying she needs to lose some weight? Are we saying she is invisible to us, therefore, it really doesn’t matter what she looks like? I would really like to know when will we start dealing with the truth and not just allow this issue to hang in the air. Statements like “oh she’s not fat, just a little big” and “well, there’s just more of her to love” don’t help deal with the issue. We need to talk about the issues and deal with the stigma and the honest opinions about what society thinks of plus plus-size women.

Let’s stop lumping all plus-size in the same category. They are not the same thing. I believe we lump all of the plus-sizes in the same category so the bigger women will not feel as bad. No matter if you are a size 16 or 28 you are considered plus-size. Yet, when we go out into the real world we’re viewed very differently!

In the wake of all ladies trying to find their truth, their inspiration, their sexiness, why not have some real discussions about plus-size vs. non plus-size? We need to allow ladies to heal, come to terms with where they are in their lives, and love themselves for whatever they happen to be in that season. Since we’re so into labeling stuff, give them an honest label so that they too can hold their heads up high and say, “This is what I am!”

By: Talitha Burris


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