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Sunday, October 15, 2017
Ke'Aira's Kloset
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In a time where it's okay to publicly disrespect. In a time where social media degrades us as women, we find truth in "The Connection". I decided to honor beautiful, black women through my platform as an up and coming stylist. I love the strength that we as women possess. We stand strong when we are together. We conquer the world when we are a unit. We break boundaries like no other when we say, "yes, WE can". 

During this campaign, I interviewed each of these ladies that have a had a great impact on my life. Each of them have gone on in life and conquered their goals that somewhere down the line was said to be impossible. Guess what? They did it so I am honoring each of them today as fabulously as I know how. 

“The Underdog”


Kristin, one of the best stylist in the Dallas area, decided to step out and take her dream as a stylist by storm. She has worked with stylist J. Bolin, Tammy Rivera, and many more. Her brand is "Influencing successful first impressions for all women". I had the honor of working with Kristin as an assistant, and she has impacted my life tremendously. Thank you, I honor you on today. 

In our interview, she stated…

"What I love most about being a woman is our ability to love hard and go hard. We have the power to use our vulnerability as ammunition to shape both our personal and business relationships. Being blindsided by emotions? Never that!"

“The New Generation”


Da'Naja, owner of NAtoriously Fierce BOWtique, has been a client of mine for some time now and has turned into my little niece! I am so proud of her. Can you believe she is only 11 years old? This big ball of fire is a go getter and will not let her age stop her from being one of the greatest to ever do it. "It was all a dream" is what she lives by and she is definitely making her dreams come true! Her bow tie line is so unique and eye catching you will never forget the name! 

In our interview, she stated…

“Dream BIG! You control how you choose to live the life God has blessed you with so don’t feel you have to wait to see days that aren’t promised to build your dreams. Age is just a number and is not a limit. You have within you the power and strength to learn, lead, inspire, and thrive! Be uniquely and unapologetically YOU in everything that you do! The New Generation is “The Connection”! “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”- Walt Disney 

“The Go Getter”


Phillisia, entrepreneur and director of Fearless Dance Company, is nothing less than a "go getter". I have known her all my life and she has always been a fighter. In her journey of making Fearless a household name, she hasn't let the obstacles of treading new water stop her from making her dreams come true. She is not afraid to ruffle feathers. She isn't afraid of not being the most popular or favored in town. Phillisia is fearless and will stop at nothing to fulfill her dreams. 

In our interview, she stated…

"Women are such "troopers" we deal with adversity everyday but are so strong that we manage to continue pushing regardless of the roadblocks. We are resilient!! Plus, we are just so unique. Our bodies are beautiful, God did wonders when he made us and we know it because men can't live without us!”.

“The Boss”

D'Andrea (Dee), owner of D Hair Boutique Dallas, Arlington, and New York, name is so befitting. She is the definition of a boss! Juggling being a mother and owning multiple locations in the hair and beauty business can be a hassle. She handles it effortlessly. D'Andrea came and conquered Dallas and showed women everywhere that if you work hard for what you want and what you believe in, you can achieve it all!


In our interview, she stated…

"The best thing about being a woman is being a mother! I think it's pretty cool to see how a woman's body can go through many changes in order to create a mini version of them."

“The Game Changer”

Kalisha, owner of K. Rashae' clothing brand, has definitely changed the game of fashion. I've known her for years and was so happy to see her bring her vision into fruition and took over New York fashion at the blink of an eye. Coming from Pine Bluff Arkansas and being a known fashion designer would have never seemed to be likely, but she did it! She changed the game and showed women that anything is possible. Never let anyone count you out. K. Rashae’ has been featured in New York Fashion Week, the hit series Power on Starz, as well as seen on a number of celebrities and actresses such as Sanaa Lathan. 


In our interview, she stated…

"What I love most about being a woman is our strength! There is so much history of strength behind our womanhood! Our ancestors fought for our rights and won, we birth children then get right back to our careers! It’s amazing when you sit and think about all our bodies are capable of doing. We give life in more ways than one! We hold a household down, being super moms, all while keeping our exterior together and slaying when we step out the door. Women are powerful and empowering! We can suffer heartache after heartache but will find the strength to put ourselves back together and love again. There is strength in numbers, which is why we are unstoppable when we come together and support one another. The sisterhood and connection you feel when you see a fellow woman making strides and achieving great things is undeniable. To all my phenomenal women out there- You Go Girl! Womanhood is beautiful, strong, and everlasting. Let’s be real, where would the world be without us?!"

“My Hero”


Last but not least, I would love to honor my mother, Angela. Without this woman I would be nothing! She has been the epitome of a woman and all I've ever known when I think of strength. My mother always pushed me to be whomever it is that I strive to be and not be apologetic for it. She has never let me down and has shown me what it takes to be a woman and how hard we work. She has shown me how much we endure and always get back up as if we have won. I thank you and I love you.

Thank you to each one of these ladies that participated in this campaign. You all looked beautiful and I appreciate each of you. 

Photo credits:

Photographer: Kauwuane Burton 

Stylist: Ke'Aira Mays

Makeup: Tamber Rhymes, Kendra J. Williams, Kourtney Love, Glam by Cham, Jamie Dionne

Hair: The Diva Glam, D Hair Boutique


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