The Back-Pocket List

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Stacy-Ann Simpson
Relationships: To wait or not to wait?

It seems like some of us quality black women have been stuck in the same position of singlehood for a while. The lack of quality suitors has made dating and getting hitched quite the challenge.

However, here’s the thing that I find even more challenging than us finding our equal is the number of quality black men that are available that are in a hurry to take us off the market. They have even realized that there are more quality women than men; so, they have become lackluster in their pursuit of us. It is a game of ‘I would love to have you, but  just not right now!’ So, we then become the Back-Pocket girls.

And, what is the BACK-POCKET girl/woman you may ask?  She’s the girl that he adores, the one he considers to be wife material, the one he can be himself around and take home to mom.  

The reality of this situation is that the likelihood of them circling back around while we are still available is very unlikely, especially if he spent any time getting to know that individual woman. This article may apply also to those who were in the dating process or getting to know each other phase. He would have discovered a few key things about her that would make him decide, “ I’M NOT READY YET.”  For example, she may have some standards and requirements for the relationship like accountability and quality time together. She also isn’t too keen on Netflix and Chill.  So ladies, here is what I say if you happen to find yourselves in this very situation: Pack your sh*t and move on! This make-believe, microwaved fake society of ours where a man thinks that a woman can be easily traded and/or upgraded is absolutely ludicrous. “YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH” & MORE THAN WORTHY ENOUGH TO NOT BE PUT ON HIS BACK-POCKET LIST.


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