September 3, 2018

1. They don't want to see you happy.

Regardless of how good the person makes you feel, you will still have some friends that will never approve of your relationship. The idea of you being happy just makes their blood boil.


2. They are alone so they want someone to be miserable with them.

Misery loves company. Sometimes your friends are so unhappy with their relationship or lack thereof and don't want to hear anything positive. They can only see things through their depressive state of mind.


3. They genuine have a hatred towards the opposite sex.

Male bashers and male chauvinists will hardly be unbiased in their views on the opposite sex.  Others have allowed their negative experiences to reprogram their mind to despise the opposite sex.  As a result, they have a distorted view on relationships and will never be able to genuinely be happy for you.


4. They have a personal vendetta against your significant other.

If your significant other has done something to anger your friend, it's highly likely your friend will not want you to be in a relationship with them.


5. They like your mate.

There are some cases in which they might have a crush on your girlfriend or boyfriend.

6. They feel left out because you don't have time for them.

When you get into a relationship, your priority shifts.  As a result, your relationship demands more of your time.


7. They are jealous of your relationship.

Sometimes, they are envious of the good thing you have in your new relationship.

8. You painted a negative picture of your mate.

It’s not good to tell everything that goes on in your relationship.  Naturally, they will want you to end the relationship based off of what you told them in the past.  


9. They may think you can do better.

It’s not bad that your friend thinks highly of you. However, it is not their decision and they should not impose their feelings on you.


10. They feel insecure around your mate.

Your friend may be feeling uncomfortable around your boyfriend/girlfriend.  This is something you might want to consider looking into.


Dee Moore

Dee Moore currently resides in Texas which is where she rekindled her love for journalism, production, and philanthropy.  This Oklahoma native credits her modest upbringing for her love of community involvement. Serving on the media team for several non profit organizations has afforded Dee the opportunity to give back to her community in an amazing way.  She is a branding and social media expert who has built her platform from the ground up.  Dee is the responsible of executing the vision of DTV Unleashed, an online media conglomerate displaying a view of life through the lenses of her camera.  She is also the creative force behind "The Merger", an initiative aimed at educating startups on the power of networking, effective marketing and brand protection. As a lover of music, Ms. Moore had her hand as a radio host that showcased underground talent and provided entertainment news headlines from across the world.  She currently the co-host of Tea Talk Time, a podcast addressing a myriad of issues as it relates to life, relationships and current events.  She is also very focused on race relations and how it impacts life. Dee is the force behind Dating While Black and The Melting Pot. Both organizations are geared towards fostering healthy dialogues and addressing issues that impact people of diverse backgrounds.  Dee brings her production, marketing, and speaking expertise to Slay Magazine.

Twitter: iamdeemoore

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