Technology Through The Years

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Slay Magazine

In my young teenage years, I can remember going with my dad (R.I.P.) to purchase a Curtis Mathis television. It would be the first big color T.V. that our family home would have. Of course it was a floor model, because back in those days, there weren't any flat screen televisions. Of course, my brother, sisters and I would all fight over what we would watch, and usually my sisters always got the final say. But we all knew that come evening news time, it was Dad's time with the "tube".

Then in the late 80's, my parents purchased cellular phones. Back then they were bulky and looked more like a huge military walkie talkie. I remember asking my parents to let me carry it around whenever we were out and about. I thought I was James Bond. Then I remember purchasing a pager with my first paycheck from County Fair (who in Pleasant Grove didn't work there?). If you had a pager, you were in back then.

I can't talk about technology of the past without talking about Atari. I remember going to my friend's house everyday after school and playing Pole Position, Frogger, and my favorite, Centipede. If you had an Atari Game System, chances are you had a lot of friends and everyone wanted to be at your house.

Today, as I see all the new technology, I can't help but wonder: "Could these kids now survive if they had to go back to technology of the past?" I was watching The Jimmy Kimmel Show one night and he did a segment with young kids, trying to get them to use typewriters, older phones, or a VCR, and they looked so disinterested. But, then it made me realize, just about all of the world has become consumed with technology. Yes, there are countries and societies that do not use technology and/or will not allow it. For many of us today, this would be torture and it probably take us to a level of insanity.

I have grown to love technology. I taught myself how to fix computers, both software and hardware. I took time to learn what makes devices work and how they are used for different things. Most people don't care about how things work, they just want it to work. But, if you take time to research what you have, then it may help you in understanding that there is more to your tech device or gadget than you thought.

By: RamWeb Design


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