Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Slay Magazine

Do you have a creative eye that SLAYS? Whether you're a style is fashion, home decor, automobile design, business decor, wedding decor, or any other stylish SLAY. WE WANT TO FEATURE YOU!

If you would like the chance to be featured follow the instructions below. ONLY emails to the address below will be accepted.



1. You must follow us on all media outlets (Facebook​, Twitter​, Tumblr​, & Instagram​) @theslaymagazine and subscribe to our website in order to participate.

2. Your submission must include your name and/or Business Name, location, and details about image with booking/purchase links if available.

3. 1 - 2 professional photos (no nudity) with photo credit (if necessary).

✔ A submission will not guarantee a feature.

Photo Style cred: Charly Nichole


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