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Sunday, February 6, 2022
Lanette Slay
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Thank you, Courtney,for taking the time to SLAY with Slay Magazine. We want to start off by sayingthat we your products on your website lookSLAYzing! Now, let’s jumpinto our questions!


SLAY: It is awesome that you started a company with your adolescentfriend. It is always amazing to build a brand with someone that values the samething and someone to which you have known for an extended period. It is alsoamazing to see Boss Ladies SLAY together! What inspired the two of you to cometogether to form Itzbomb Aesthetics?

COURTNEY: Jaleah and I have a creative andartistic background in which we love crafting. We both have discussed creatinga brand together for several years and decided to put that plan into action in2017 during our regular family weekends where we would do fun things. We got anidea to try and make bath bombs for the first time and were excited about theoutcome after experimenting with ingredients. Shortly after creating the bathbombs, we provided swag bag inserts for a friend’s hair extension launch. In2018, we began to vend at local farmers and craft markets in Dallas and St.Louis. In 2019, we celebrated two years in business and have over a dozenproducts that we sell via our website itzbomb.comand at vendor events. In 2019, we also hosted our first Fizz & Feature inApril 2019 and celebrated our two-year business anniversary in September 2019.Currently, we also have our products in our first brick and mortar store,Golden Grocers Natural Foods, located in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition, wehave hosted business anniversary popup shops at this location.


SLAY: Your website and socialmedia advises that all your products are handcrafted which is totally awesome!Today, there are so many different smells and chemicals to which consumers areallergic. What precautions are taken to ensure the consumer is not purchasing aproduct to which they are allergic?

COURTNEY: Our website provides alisting of the ingredients for all our products. Our products contain all naturalor all organic ingredients. We regularly purchase from the same vendors toensure quality. Our use of essential oils is imperative to maintaining thetherapeutic nature of our products. We have hypoallergenic products for thosethat have very sensitive skin. In fact, the hypoallergenic line was crafted by therequest of one of our customers that has a Celiac Disease.  Our hypoallergenicproducts include essential oils and natural colorants such as beet root &ground hibiscus flowers. If you want to try a specific product but may beallergic to an ingredient contained within our products, feel free to visit ourwebsite ( to send us an email about what product and ingredient youare allergic to so that we can create your custom order!


SLAY: One of your social media posts regarding being thankful foryour customers’ support discusses people having different obligations yetfinding the time put energy and effort to growing their business. This is sotrue! As a business owner, it can be extremely time consuming and sometimesdraining. Are there some of your products that you suggest for reducing stressand/or increasing energy levels?
COURTNEY: A way to reduce those daily stresses we encounter is carving out your“me time.” Me time doesn’t have to be an expensive trip to the spa or vacation,but you can set your mood with a nice relaxing bath with our Lavish (calmingessential blend) or Serene (Hypo-Lavish Serene) bath bombs. Serene containslavender essential oil. After your bath, you can apply our Lavish or Serenewhipped body butter onto your skin as you burn our jasmine &vanilla fragrance Coolbay Soy Candle. 


If you’re looking for anenergy boost, Anodyne and Hypo-Andoyne bath bombs are perfect for that pick meup! Anodyne is solely fragranced with a citrus mint essential oil blend. Werecommend applying our custom fragranced whipped body butter in either SummerJoy or Anodyne while burning the aromatic Summer Joy soy candle! Our Summer Joyproducts contain grapefruit essential oil to brighten the mood. Be sure tovisit our website ( for a detailed description of each of ourproduct to find what suits your needs!


SLAY: Not only do you SLAY bath bombs,but you SLAY your own soaps, lip moisturizer, and body butters?! You alsocreate BOMB products for both men and women! This is super amazing. Are thereany other products you are considering adding?

COURTNEY: We will continue to expandour product line this year for both our men and women’s collection! Products tocome range from more cosmetics include different lip paints, eyeshadow palettes,male scented grooming products, and more. We also are in the works of extendingour brand with a launch of ItzWrapz! Itz Wrapz will include machine sewn headwraps, hair bows, headscarves and much more! Make sure to follow bothItzbombaesthetics and Itzwrapz on Instagram!


SLAY: We noticed that you participate in private “Fizz & Feature”events. What inspired you to begin these events? How can someone schedule oneof these private events?

COURTNEY: Fizz & Features is an invitation onlyevent hosted by us! We wanted to extend our appreciation to our loyal customerswhile introducing our customers to other small business owners. Thisevent gives an open and welcoming platform to network, enjoy mimosas andsmall bites, participate in raffles, and of course SHOP! If someone would liketo schedule Itzbomb Aesthetics as a private host for an event or ourparticipation as a vendor, please submit all inquiries to


SLAY: Your website advises that you generated the prototype“Bombacious”. Can you tell us more about this prototype and what makes it sobomb?

COURTNEY: Our first original bomb that we created wasBombacious. Bombacious is created from two fragrances, one of the sweet notesof this popular fizzy is raspberry! This fruity concoction is one of ourpopular fragrances and top sellers! Customers may elect to customize thisfragrance as they wish. Customizations include soy candles, air freshener,whipped body butter, and more! 


SLAY: We love to end our interviews with a word of advice. What advice wouldyou give to business owners that are aspiring to SLAY but have not yet takenthe leap into entrepreneurship?

COURTNEY: Be sure to conduct a lot of research in thefield you are pursuing. Of course, you will never be fully ready to start a business,but you want to be semi-versed within the product you are providing to yourconsumer. You must have faith within yourself, pray, and believe. We also suggestsetting weekly goals to accomplish but don’t forget to have fun! Everything youare going to go through is already written so be sure to enjoy the good and badbecause it is your story! One day you may inspire someone to take that leapinto entrepreneurship or life in general!


SLAY: Again, THANK YOU Courtney for SLAYing withSlay Magazine. Please let our SLAYers know how they can purchase some of yourbomb products.

COURTNEY: Thank you so much for the opportunity!We are excited about what we have coming up and would love for everyone to be apart of the bomblyfe!



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