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Sunday, February 6, 2022
Lanette Slay
SLAYing with Empower Media Group and Black Media Honors!

Thank you, Stephanie, for taking the time to SLAY with Slay Magazine. Let’s jump into our questions!

SLAY: We want to start off by saying that after reading your bio we must say that we are truly inspired by the woman that you are and all that you have accomplished. You are the author of your new book "The Antidote" Self-Care, Healing & Resetting Your Focus, you are launching your new PR & Marketing App named “Suite12”, and you have a new luxury fashion brand named “Elle Elle”. We admire your belief that “if you can then others can too”. We feel this belief is so true especially today. Today, it is extremely important that we show that we can achieve all things rather than just saying it. This method of showing rather than telling is especially critical for our younger generation. What has been a key motivation for you to continue to achieve show that how all things can be achieved?

EMPOWER MEDIA GROUP: Thank you. It is beautiful to see when someone is inspired by anything that I've done. That's a really great question! My motivation comes from within. God gives us the divine ideas, the visions, and the ability to execute them. It's 1. Knowing that you're pursuing something greater than yourself! 2. That your purpose is not just about you but being who you are designed to be for others.

Those divine ideas and visions are babies. Just like babies you must nurture, protect, steer in the right direction, support, etc. So, you do just that! Equating that to business you do what's required to execute the vision even when you don't feel like it because you know it's what you're designed to do.

SLAY: You are the CEO & Principal of Empower Media Group. Media has an amazingly large influence on how information is spread. We love that like us you have chosen to create a media platform that spreads positivity and that steer away from the negative gossip. There is an extreme importance of diversity and inclusion especially in the media industry. What is your perspective on diversity vs. inclusion? How do you remain diverse to set your own trend?


Diversity and inclusion are core components of our culture and business strategy. In a media organization, deeply understanding multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion calls for everyone to be on board. Diversity and inclusion are no longer optional if you plan to grow and thrive which is why we're working to change the conversation about diversity and inclusion in the media industry. I believe it is a moral and business imperative to cultivate diversity and inclusion throughout our organization. We understand that the trust of our audiences and business partners is better achieved when we elevate diverse voices and inclusive practices through our work and values. We are committed to being an organization that embodies respect, cherishes equality, and promotes fairness for all.

We know that breaking down systemic barriers in society requires systemic changes to our platforms. Our team is focused on shaping those changes to diversify our talent and create an inclusive environment, concepts, and campaigns. By building meaningful community relationships, we’re developing and attracting historically underrepresented populations in the media industry. By educating ourselves on best practices in diversity and inclusion, we’re also making impactful policy, benefits, and process improvements to ensure everyone can bring their authentic self to what we do.

SLAY: You are also the producer of the Inaugural 2020 Black Media Honors. We must say that we aspire to be a part of this amazing event soon. It is inspiring to know that you are creating a path for black media that will be honoring the different areas of media such as public relations, media, journalism, broadcasting, and more. What inspired you to begin this movement of honoring black media?


Honestly, it goes back to our voice. The black voice and the minority voice. Our voice should be just as loud and eager to be heard than the next. We can’t continue to turn to the same voices every time. No company, let alone a media company can afford a culture where people instinctively shoot down diverse, challenging ideas and “off-the-wall” concepts from people who have no desire to include the voices like those they look to target for the dollar. I saw a problem way before Halle Berry did because I live in that space. I found it challenging to integrate myself into a culture that made me work harder for inclusion because I was black.

The media is only just beginning to reflect improved racial, gender, and geographic diversity. So, there’s crucial work ahead as we continue to build this industry. So, I created Black Media Honors! The Black Media Honors exist to support and promote the people who identify as African American and American minorities. It is also created to increase our impact on the world around us, through acknowledgment, education, networking events, volunteer opportunities, intersectional awareness, and social gatherings.

SLAY: Right now, so many businesses are facing their own different turmoil due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We have spoken with so many business owners who are having to postpone events, temporarily close their business, and so many other challenges. What advice or encouragement would you give other business owners that are being affected by this pandemic to be encouraged during this unexpected time?


Absolutely! This is a trying time for many, and my heart goes out to those on the frontline and those who have lost loved ones. It's heartbreaking! My advice is to use this time to reset! I haven't had to close my business, but we did have to postpone Black Media Honors. My staff and I took a mini hiatus in 2020 to allow everyone to take care of home first and get things in proper order so that we could reset and reconvene with a fresh perspective on how to still be successful during this pandemic. Additionally, take advantage of what's being offered as relief from the government. The most important is not to give up! This is a setup for a major comeback as cliche as it may sound it's true.

SLAY: We love to end our interviews with a word of advice. What advice would you give to individuals that are aspiring to SLAY as an entrepreneur but are procrastinating with taken the leap into entrepreneurship?


Listen! I know a thing or two about taking a leap! Lol! Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart, but there is purpose in Entrepreneurship. If you want to do something great, you will do it scared and uncertain. In order to be active, you have to actually move. Don't allow procrastination to sabotage your purpose and strangle your passion. Feed your purpose with positive affirmations and surround yourself with people you aspire to be like because the conversation will be different. It will provoke you to great success!

SLAY: Again, THANK YOU Empower Media Group for SLAYing with Slay Magazine. Please let our SLAYers know how they can SLAY with your business.


Thank you for having me it's such an honor. I wish you much success also. You can always connect with me on social media @iamstephanied_ @blackmediahonor

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