Eyelashes - How do you SLAY?

Friday, February 2, 2018
Glory Eteng
SLAYing artificial lashes

Artificial Eyelashes are applied in between or on our natural eyelashes to add beauty to our look. Did you know that eyelashes can either be synthetic or human hair depending on the one you wish to SLAY with for that day? Although there are some slight differences between the two, the synthetic eyelashes give your eyes a thick look while the human hair is the opposite. The human hair lashes are light and more natural which means they are not as thick as the synthetic lashes. I want to tell you all about the two main types of artificial lashes which are individual lashes and ready-made lashes and how we can apply these lashes.

Ready-made Lashes. Ready-made lashes are already fixed together to make it easy for us to place on the eye.

How to apply ready-made lashes? 

1. Open the pack and gently remove lashes. 

2. Place it on the eyes and cut it just the size of your eyes making sure it's not larger than your eye. 

3. Open your bond and apply it on the lashes line making sure it’s not too much.

4. Now place the lashes on your main eyelashes and make sure you don't place it on the lid. 

5. Allow time to dry for some seconds and then massage the lashes with your main eyelashes using a picker. Doing this technique will help the ready-made lashes and your natural eyelashes stick together and it will help with blending. 

6. Take a chill pill while you cross check all what you've done to make sure there are not any mistakes. 

7. After you have applied both lashes, go out and feel SLAYtastic with your lashes.


Individual Lashes. Unlike the Ready-made lashes this one is separated; the individual lashes must be placed carefully on the eyes per lash.  

How to apply individual lashes? 

1. Open the pack and gently remove the amount you want to apply to the first eye.

2. Place the lashes one after the other at the back of your palm. 

3. Apply a small amount of bond glue beside the lashes. 

4. Using your picker, select the lashes one after the other and place them in between your main lashes. (Be sure to not place them on your lashes, below your lashes, or on the lid of your lashes.) 

5. Allow time for the bond to dry and then gently massage the artificial lashes with your natural eyelashes using the picker. 

6. Repeat this procedure for your other eye. 

7. After you have applied all of your lashes to both eyes, go out and feel SLAYtastic with your lashes.


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