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Monday, May 29, 2017
Slay Magazine
CurlKalon Hair 2-Year Celebration

Slay Magazine had the honor of SLAYing with CurlKalon Hair for their 2-year celebration! We were excited to share this momentous occasion with CurlKalon since our 2-year anniversary was right around the corner. SLAYing for 2 years is an amazing milestone and CurlKalon celebrated it in STYLE!


Straight out of Atlanta the CEO and founder of CurlKalon Hair, Shavone Riggins, is providing women "curls with confidence". During interviews, Shavone gave some amazing tips on how to SLAY the transition to natural hair, tips on how to SLAY curls, and so much more. We must say that it was a pleasure to be in the presence of someone that has not only experienced the “woes of natural hair” but found amazing tips on how to SLAY it! We also have to add that she does it so gracefully!


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The entire event represented CurlKalon Hair very well. From the location to the ambiance to the attendees, the entire event was extremely elegant. It was so great that Shavone engaged with everyone that attended. She made sure that all of her guests felt welcomed and invited. Let’s not forget to mention CurlKalon Hair! Their hair is great quality hair! The curls “bounce back” just as they do in the video which is definitely to be celebrated. The curls maintain their “bounce” after being teased by several hands. I can see why her business blossomed into such a success that it has in these past 2 years. We also have to make sure that you know that the hair is affordable! CurlKalon is GREAT HAIR that holds up to their slogan AND it won’t break your pockets after purchasing it! Natural and weave SLAYers know that if hair has those two combinations it is definitely a WIN! CurlKalon Hair provides different curl patterns and colors for the everyday woman which allows women to SLAY a different style as often as they choose. Women are both excited about CurlKalon Hair and loving it. Keep SLAYing CurlKalon women and rocking your curls with confidence.

By: Yolanda Brathwaite - Slay NY Media Correspondent


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