iPhone 7 Release

Monday, September 5, 2016
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On Tuesday, September 7th, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7. As with every iPhone, there is much anticipation regarding the iPhone 7.

A dramatic change still in play, although not confirmed, would be the addition of a rumored third "Pro" model. According to multiple sources, Apple's portfolio, which was already extended to include the new SE model in March 2016, may soon include an iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus -- and an iPhone 7 Pro. But recent rumors have suggested that Apple will probably stick with only two models.

One of the main rumors is regarding the 3.5mm headphone jack -- which has been MIA in many recently leaked photos. If this rumor is true, it leaves a few options on the table. Apple could bundle new Lightning-tipped EarPod headphones (or sell them separately). Or, since Apple owns Beats, you can expect some fancy new wireless PowerBeats to arrive alongside your iPhone 7. (Like most other phones, you could use the iPhone 7 with any existing Bluetooth headphones or speakers, too.) Additionally, ditching the headphone jack would also leave room for a second speaker grille, which has appeared on other leaked photos. That would allow the iPhone 7 to be the first model with true stereo sound.

Exterior changes are expected to be rather minimal -- similar to identical screen sizes and bezels, though it's rumored that it will come in the same Space Black Color available on the Apple Watch.

Many sources are expecting a significant step up in quality with the iPhone 7's camera. New evidence appears to suggest that both new iPhone 7 models will have optical image stabilization capabilities. But a steady stream of sources have reported that a dual camera would likely be included on the 5.5-inch-screen iPhone 7 Plus and/or Pro and probably not the standard 4.7-inch-screen iPhone 7.

With respect to the battery, many analysts predict the iPhone 7 will receive a healthy battery upgrade. Reports are that Apple will upgrade the iPhone 7 battery to 1,960mAh (from the iPhone 6S's 1,715mAh), which translates into a 14 percent bump in capacity. It's unclear how much of a battery life bump that will ultimately give you, but that translates to 90 minutes more video playback time -- 12.5 hours versus 11 hours.

ONE MAJOR DEVELOPMENT (if true), would make many Apple users ecstatic. The new iPhone 7 is rumored to be fully waterproof. This may be why Apple has decided to do away with the headphone jack.

On the component front, an analyst firm has predicted that the iPhone 7 will support a whopping 256GB (for Plus models only) of storage space, allowing room for more apps and videos. The firm, Trendforce, also predicts that the phone will get a memory boost to 3GB in the 5.5-inch model. The 16GB model will become history, with the storage capacity starting at 32GB.

Apples will upgrade Siri, photos, maps, and the Messages app. The iOS 10 is available only to developers at the moment; the official release is expected to come this fall, likely coinciding with the release of the iPhone 7.

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