September 2019

Monday, September 2, 2019
LaTarsha Towers
September Virgo

September 2019 - With a Virgo new moon and planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in your sign, you’re growing, blooming, and blossoming. Expect life to be full and rich this month, with opportunities to grow, expand, and stabilize. In September, the sun and Mars meet your ruler Mercury, making you undeniably aware of your desires, especially in your relationships.

A relationship reaches a climax as the Pisces full moon aligns on September 13, bringing relationships to light. If you’re unsure or if you’re positively certain about something, move slowly. Not all is as it seems. It’s important that you seek clarity, transparency, and depth.

On September 14, Mercury and Venus enter Libra, suggesting your values are key. How you value yourself determines the relationships and resources that you attract. You’re at the end of a cycle; this is the beginning of your ability to have more authentic relationships.

On the eighteenth, Saturn stations direct in the part of your chart that rules your inner child, sex, love, creativity, and your ability to take risks. After months of inner growth, you’re regaining self-confidence and maturing as you learn your resilience. This hasn’t been easy, but these are lessons of love, and you’re birthing something that’s a labor of love.

Jupiter squares Neptune on September 21, offering a final turning point in a story that was unfolding in mid-January and then mid-June regarding your ability to feel safe within your connections and the people you can count on to be in your corner.

On the twenty-third, the sun joins Venus and Mercury in Libra, highlighting your income, closest relationships, self-esteem, and values. As you move to the end of the month, be honest about what and who you value, the value of what you offer your commitments, and imbalances that need to be adjusted.

As the new moon aligns in Libra on September 28, you’re entering a whole new cycle that sees you growing in emotional and material security and deepening commitments that give back to you equally.

Standout Dates: 1, 8, 13, 24
Challenging Dates: 7, 14, 26


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