Monday, May 29, 2017
Slay Magazine
STOP the bullying

This 8 year old beautiful, little lady took 36 pills in an attempt to kill herself because she was bullied about being overweight. Thankfully, she's in the hospital recovering.


A BULLY IS A BULLY regardless of their age or size and it's becoming an all too common issue for our younger generation. As parents, talking to our kids and asking them how their school day went is only the tip of the iceberg. We need to make sure that our kids understand that they can tell us ANYTHING! Although we cannot control what our kids tell us and we cannot read their minds to know what's going on in their lives, we need to make a conscious effort to discuss bullying with our kids. We need to teach them to NOT bully anyone and teach them how to have confidence in the event that someone is bullying them. It is painful to see that a child that has not even began to see the barriers that life can throw feels the need to take or attempt to take their life because of evil words from another human being. Let's make it a routine to discuss bullying with our kids and make them comfortable in knowing that as parents we can take care of any situation they have arise. We will remove them from that class or the entire school if we have to to protect our child. Slay Magazine is praying for this child and her family. We pray for strength for her parents to pull their child through this situation, the courage in this child once she's released from the hospital, and the knowledge in the parents of the kids that bullied this child so that they can teach their child to NEVER speak evil words to another human being.


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