Remy Ma SLAYS Nicki Minaj – ShETHER

Saturday, February 25, 2017
LaTarsha Towers
#ShETHER #RemyMa

There’s almost no where to turn on social media or the internet where you do not see #SHETHER! Almost everyone is talking about how quickly Love & Hip Hop New York cast member Remy Ma SLAYed Nicki Minaj so you know that Slay Magazine had to listen to see what the talk was about! 


The track starts out with Nicki Minaj’s voice saying “Free Remy” so it was initially kind of confusing. Why would this be a “diss” track if Nicki Minaj’s voice is asking to “free” the once imprisoned Remy Ma? We soon found out that that was just to build up to the SLAY up! The verses, the words, the FACTS all collaboratively made this one of the most epic “diss records” ever made. The name "ShETHER" was derived from an old Nas beef entitiled "ETHER" so basically this is the female version of how to SLAY a "diss record". We have even seen R&B legends such as Nicci Daniels of the group “Brownstone” tweeting, “Just listen to #Shether and I wanna Thank God there is no such thing as a R&B battle and #RemyMa is not a singer #Floored”. That alone shows you that the “barz” were SLAYTASTIC when you have other artists in the industry happy that it is not them. Most would say that Remy Ma had zero filters and took zero prisoners. There’s almost nothing that Nicki Minaj can come back to say to dig her out of the rap grave that Remy Ma dug for her; however, there’s always that ONE. That one that we have seen so far is artist August Alsina. On his personal Facebook page ( he posted “Remy MA – Nicki Minaj diss Shether i dunno bout this one”. August Alsina you are probably the only person in the world who “dunno bout this one” because everyone else feels that Remy Ma SLAYED Nicki Minaj.


Wait a minute! Didn't Remy Ma warn Nicki Minaj in her verse on the song "Wait a Minute" where she said, "That ghostwriter about to call her. Her lifeline getting shorter". Sure does sound like a warning to us! Guess Nicki Minaj did not take heed so she had to "body" her directly with #ShETHER. Have you heard one of the most epic diss records? If you have not, no worries because Slay Magazine got you covered. Check out these words reposted by our Managing Social Media Editor Charly Nichole from WorldStar. You can also visit Remy Ma’s SoundCloud via the link below!

Verse snippet:

And stop talking numbers, you signed a 360 deal

Through Young Money, through Cash Money, through Republic

Which means your money go through five niggas before you touch it

Any videos, promotions come out of your budget

Endorsements, tour and merchandise, they finger-fuck it

You make like 35 cents off of each ducket

I own my masters, bitch, independent

So for every sale I do, you gotta do like ten

Stop comparing yourself to Jay, you not like him

You a motherfucking worker, not a boss like Rem

You're done, them pop chicks ain't get the news yet

Bitch, I pop chicks, yeah and I'm the new Vette

I kill rappers, and you good as dead, bitch

Talking shit about me to a deaf bitch

And usually I have sympathy for the impaired

But not when you hard to hear me from untreated gonorrhea

But you point the fingers at me?

I’m the bad girl and she the one out here misleading the black girls

All these fake asses influenced by that girl

Dying from botched surgeries, what a sad world

But before the butt job, you was a Spongebob

Sucking cock for records, captain of the cum squad

And I got a few words for the moms of the young Barbz

Guess who supports a child molester? Nicki Minaj


You paid for your brother’s wedding? That’s hella foul

How you spending money to support a pedophile?

He a walking dead man, sending threats to him

I guess that’s why they call you Barbie, you was next to Ken

Talkin’ ‘bout your money long and your foreign sick

Why you ain’t help your bro hide his come from forensics

Either way Slay Magazine loves both Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj; however, we are proud of Remy Ma for SLAYING through adversity and all she has been through! You deserve the title and CONGRATULATIONS on your Grammy nomination!


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