Pressure...1,2. Do I look okay?

Saturday, March 18, 2017
Slay Magazine

It's so hard wondering if someone else will compliment your outfit or your style. We all just want to please people, right? Wrong! Not I.

I struggled with self-worth and love for the longest of times. I used to depend on the opinions of others; I have given up on that. We are all so righteous and so amazing! We slay, ok? When I started loving myself is when I started to receive a lot of compliments. As you can see, I have a unique sense of style; like I honestly envision my clothes in my head and then put them on. This outfit (pictured below) is one of my favorites. You wouldn't see someone wearing it every day.

I am often asked how do I choose my clothes. Believe it or not, I mainly shop at Target and a lot of thrift stores. I see something that I like; I buy it! When I’m preparing for my day, I pick out pants FIRST! The pants to me can make or break the outfit. So, I base EVERYTHING off of the pants. With this outfit, I thought the old-timey ripped jeans would be HOT with what I like to call my "stripper leggings". I picked out a shirt and realized that you couldn't see my FAVORITE part of the leggings; the upper-waist part which made me decide to go with my favorite badge crop top.

Next, came my face. You know I had to SLAY my face! I decided to go simple and elegant but not TOOO elegant. I kept it natural with my MAC foundation and some badge/nude lipstick.

I am not saying that my style works for everyone. This may not work for you, but I promise you don't have to shop expensive to SLAY. Choose what works best for you and OWN it. You slay boo! Have a SLAYful day!

By: Guest Blogger


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