Pain Changes People

Monday, July 24, 2017
Latasha Henderson-Robinson
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PAIN is PAINful.

PAIN holds a lot of POWER.

PAIN can UNCONSCIOUSLY make a person create BOUNDARIES.

PAIN can sometimes bring PLEASURE.







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Pain can change people, whether it’s in a good or bad way… Change is Change, right? Pain changes people, because it’s all mental, even if pain is physical, it is still mental. We can control our bodies with our brain, so what a man thinks, he has already done…this is biblical. When you linger in painful thoughts, your body will eventually feel it, again all mental. Pain changes people, because pain is a huge emotion that is not designed to elevate or decline, but pain is meant to “Grow.” The foundation of the word PAIN for me is GROWTH.

In order to know what you are made of, in order to know the capacity of your abilities, sometimes you have to be broken. In being broken, there will be a mixture of pain levels, but “Being BROKEN is a PRIVILEGE.” Being broken gives you the opportunity to build yourself even stronger than you were before the break! It’s a privilege to be able to start over and have another chance. Thank you GOD!

Pain can be PAINful, because as a natural instinct, emotionally you want to be happy and smile. Who wants to be sad or hurt? Pain can be painful when it is involved in relationships. For example, being cheated on is super painful when you have loved a person wholeheartedly. This type of pain, in some cases, is unbearable, which in terms means, “PAIN holds a lot of POWER.” Pain holds power due to the emotional state that we as humans contain naturally. Our emotions, oh GOD, don’t they get us caught up, messed up and just left in a pile of feelings. Some days I wish I could trade in my emotions for ice cream, lol.

PAIN can UNCONSCIOUSLY make a person create BOUNDARIES, because when you get hurt and it’s a deep level of hurt, you will automatically build a wall of protection around your heart. You will begin to take precaution without knowing, especially if you see similar traits in conversations or acts that remind you of previous hurt. You build those boundaries, because you don’t want the PAIN to break you anymore. PAIN causes you to build effortlessly. It’s like the statement, “Kids love boundaries,” and children love boundaries because they feel a sense of protection and love when the parent tells them “No” or to “Stop.” Children know that you care when you give them boundaries, so with that being explained, we create boundaries after painful experiences to restore the love and to feel the protection. PAIN can PROTECT, in conjunction with the boundaries being built. It was pain that caused you to dodge that mistake again. It was pain that protected you from that other heartbreak. It was pain that gave you the strength to know your worth, so pain is an ultimate protector, but please don’t let pain allow you to hold a grudge or create hate, simply use it as a protector.

Pain can EXPOSE the true feelings you may have had bottled up. Sometimes, we hold back on things we want to say until we are truly hurt and then everything we have been holding onto spills out. Exposing due to pain can be considered as a good thing or bad thing; it all depends on the situation at hand. On one hand, PAIN can release TALENTS on a PRESTIGIOUS LEVEL; I mean things that you didn’t know that you could achieve suddenly unlocks. Everyone has talents and sometimes pain releases these God-given gifts, and this is a great shift in energy. If you are operating in your talents, after a painful experience, this may cause you to work even harder in your talents. To sum up my chatter, lol, PAIN CHANGES PEOPLE.

Pain can become a common thing for people and have them thinking that pain is permanent, when again Pain is a mental state. Pray through pain and for pain to cease. Pain changes your heart and makes you never want to give again, love again or trust again. Then, Pain can be the total opposite and encourage you to get that “break-up” body you want just to hide from the painful thoughts. Pain can be positive in that it helps you achieve your goals to prove your worth. Pain can be the best protection, because you are now more aware. Pain can be magically turned into pleasure by creating outlets and avenues that you can composite pain in as a motivation. Pain changes people, pain changed you, and pain changed me, now it’s up to us to decide where PAIN will reside in our lives. It is beneficial to put PAIN in its perspective place and journey through to the destiny that GOD has for your beautiful life… Don’t allow pain to imprison you, but invite pain to translate into POWER.


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