Overcoming Parent Mode

Sunday, February 12, 2017
LaTarsha Towers
parent dating

Strolling through my Facebook timeline, I encountered this article. It spoke to me, as I could certainly relate. As working parents, we get tied up in our jobs during the week while the kids are at school or daycare. We forget to make time for us. I am guilty, because I have had countless conversations with others who advise me that I am in “mommy mode.” Is it easy to just turn off my job, company, or parental responsibilities for just one night, or even a couple of hours? I mean, I attend countless events, shows, and dinners; however, they are all business-related. I may have even forgotten how to greet someone without networking.


“Every person you encounter is a networking opportunity." That has been my motto for the past four months. There have been situations where I’ve tried not to be business-minded while attending an event, but it was unsuccessful. In some situations, I admire the mom that decides to have a spa day without any kids, because when I have them, my daughter is in the chair beside me. I am extremely appreciative that the author of this article seemed secure; she never stated that her husband could not attend an event without her because of the way women dress, or anything else of that nature. Single parents can also relate. Take a look at the blog post below, and tell me what you think. Does this apply to you? How do you make time for yourself? Do you struggle to make time? Do you feel selfish when you make your time, regardless of the situation? What's your SLAY-tastic verdict?

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