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Candace Mitchell SLAYs Hair Care

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February 19, 2018

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CEO and Co-Founder of Revolutionary Hair Tech Company Is Dubbed "Modern-Day Madame C.J. Walker"

"Forbes 30 Under 30" winner Candace Mitchell makes historic strides to revolutionize the black hair industry

February 19, 2018 (ATLANTA, GA) – In recognition of Black History Month, Atlanta's CBS46 News is honoring the achievements of African-Americans whose stories of success continue to inspire the revolutionary efforts of individuals today. On February 8th, the news station featured the historic tale of beauty entrepreneur, Madame C.J. Walker and introduced the aspirations of an upcoming "Modern-Day Madame C.J. Walker," Candace Mitchell. A recipient of the C.J. Walker-inspired "Atlanta Power 25 Award, " Candace Mitchell is on her way to reform Black hair care as we know it. Once dominated by Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing, the black hair care industry has gone through a significant change in which naturally kinky and curly hair is of preference to many, and yet, the choosing between products for today's naturalistas has become a challenging experience. Candace, however, plans to change that with the establishment of her science-based hair analysis tech company, Myavana.  

Through Myavana, Candace plans to reform the consumers approach to hair care with the Myavana Hair Analysis System. This system offers a personalized beauty solution that screens consumers hair for type, condition, and style preference, then providing them with a hair summary and product recommendations based off of scientific findings.

"Myavana does a scientific hair assessment and creates hair profile in which you would get results and recommendations on the best products to use for your hair, " says Candace Mitchell co-founder of Myavana.

Candace aspirations don't stop there. Recently, Myavana partnered with award-winning hair extension company Indique Hair to develop Indique ID, a groundbreaking digital service to be housed in Indique-certified hair salons that will enable hairstylists to analyze and prescribe recommended treatments and hair regimens for their clients. The technology, launched at Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show on February 10-12, will be going on tour to various hair shows, expos, and conferences for stylists to demo the system for themselves. Like Madame C.J. Walker achieved over a century ago, Candace Mitchell plans to revolutionize hair care at the digital level.

For more information on Candace Mitchell and Myavana's customized hair care system, visit To request an interview or story opportunity on Candace Mitchell then please contact Jordyn Roberts at Brainchild Associates at

About Myavana

Established by four African-American Georgia Tech alumnae in June 2012, Myavana focuses on the development of technological solutions implementing analytics, research, and scientific methodologies to produce personalized hair care solutions for consumers. Myavana's successes have transformed the hair industry by bringing digital hair services to the forefront of commercial hair care. With the aim to educate consumers and revolutionize hair care, Myavana has dedicated itself to revamp the hair industry and usher in a new form of personalized hair care. To learn more, visit


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