My Friends Are Better than Yours!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Lanette Slay
My Friends Are Better than Yours!

What is your definition of a friend? Is it someone that you talk to daily that knows all of your secrets but holds them close to their heart as you do theirs? Is it someone that you can talk to when you are needing that inspirational “you got this sis” speech? Maybe it is someone that you may not talk to daily but the bond is always there and the “solidness” of the friendship does not have to be discussed. Ultimately, the saying “what is understood does not have to be explained” explains the friendship perfectly.

Honestly, I choose the solidness. At this point, I have friends that I talk to frequently, friends I talk to unfrequently, and friends that I talk to when our schedule permits. For me, what makes a true friend is one that understands you. It honestly took me quite a while to see and explain how understanding in a friendship can carry a friendship a very long way. My friends understand me and I understand them. They understand that somedays I just don’t want to talk, some days I am quiet because my is on overload processing the gazillion thoughts that run through my mind, and some days my only child syndrome kicks in where I just want to talk, talk, talk. They are there with me through all of that as I am for them. I also choose understanding because again “what is understood does not have to be explained”.  I understand my friends. I understand that my Gemini friends have a million personalities for which I have learned how to handle each of them. Lol. I understand that some of my shy friends need that additional motivation to encourage them to achieve whatever goal they have been pondering over. They already have the passion and capabilities of making it happen so as a friend I just need to be the “hype woman” to encourage them to take the leap. I understand that my friends with husbands and kids sometimes need a break. Let’s go out to eat or even me just sitting at their house talking, laughing, and giving them that escape. To be quite honest, I am closer to my friends than my family and my friends are truly like my family. We are protective of each other. If you upset one of us, you have upset us all. We value each other and not afraid to say it. There are no egos in our space because we all want to see and celebrate our wins or discuss our we can do better on our falls.

I said all of that to say, “My Friends Are Better Than Yours”!


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