“Mother Daughter Duo” Dominating the Luxury Concierge Industry

Sunday, November 29, 2020
Slay Magazine
Mother/Daughter Luxury SLAY!

Given that the Luxury Concierge industry is deemed a non-traditional area of expertise for people of color, it is most apparent, no one bothered to tell Annia Jenkins and Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins, aka “the Luxury Mother-Daughter Duo.” This Duo insists that their only surrender is to their passion for “all things beautiful and luxury,” thusly, All Things Beautiful & Co, was birthed.

Getting these Co CEOs to slow down long enough to cop an interview, not to mention a photoshoot, can prove to be both daunting, and downright unnerving, but is undoubtedly, worth every effort.

With her noted strong personality in tow, Annia, (aka daughter) dubbed a ‘millennium influencer’ to watch, is a Dallas social A-Lister, a conscious philanthropist and a no-nonsense business woman respected for encouraging others to create businesses that allow them to coalesce their own interests, talents and acumen. Cynthia, (aka mother) is the socially astute, true Louisiana Southern Belle, who unapologetically ascribes to savoir faire, and has proven herself as a designer-stylist and a creative guru majoring in over-the-top productions.

According to the 17th Edition of the Bain & Co Luxury Study, the overall luxury market, encompassing both luxury goods and experiences, represents nearly 1.4 trillion dollars globally. Together, embracing their obvious generational variances, this Luxury Duo represents a vastly diverse reservoir of courageously creative ingenuity that is ripe for the worlds of beauty and luxury.

The Luxury Mother Daughter Duo offers their not-so nutshell definition of luxury as “that that may not be necessarily essential to life and living, but that evokes indescribable pleasure, transforming comfort and brings satisfaction to all or most of one’s senses.” While many may debate whether “Luxury” is an adverb, adjective or noun, most everyone will attest that whichever it is, Luxury is a beautiful thing.

Without hesitance this Luxury Mother Daughter Duo, defies all barriers to guarantee amazement, overwhelming satisfaction, and of course, ‘Happiness’ for their luxury-loving clientele. This team delivers luxury that is emotionally, spiritually, physically and socially quenching, while honoring a simple philosophy that serves as inspiration for their signature experiences, “Life, make no apologies for experiencing it” The “Luxury Mother Daughter Duo” Defines Luxury.

The Luxury lane is a high-traffic lane with every possible genre of business, from manufacturers, advertisers, fashion, automotive, health, beauty and cosmetic, real estate, pet care, weddings, travel, quite frankly, every industry has been impacted by society’s quest for “the finer things in life.” Annia reminds her interviewers that it takes just seconds after opening up a magazine before you see the word Luxury, she says, “Luxury is life’s icing on the cake.”

Holistically speaking, beautiful living appeals to most everyone, but what beautiful Living looks like differs greatly from person to person. Luxury for many carries an aura of unattainability, but All Things Beautiful & Co dispels such mindsets by producing life changing, beautiful experiences, even for those who hadn’t already attained a spot in the financially wealthy column.

The watermark of the All Things Beautiful & Co. brand can be found in every aspect of the creative prowess, from the simplicity of their planning boards to the complexity of the implementation and execution of their plans, right down to their uncommon productions. From assisting in developing brand concepts or brand activations for high-end luxury brands, curating luxury yachts and private jet charters, over-the-top bespoke experiences, to producing awe-inspiring memorable moments, including marriage proposals, international travel and other events, All Things Beautiful & Co. does it all, all things luxury that is.

While Annia and Cynthia share their love and passion for curating breathtaking ambiance and magical moments, they also share in the dregs of having been bullied as children, adolescents, and even adults. Those experiences, while having negative impact, also served as does a diamond grind, to meticulously sharpen their sensitivity to the emotions, feelings, expressions and desires of others. It is that sensitivity that offers them the unique edge and knack for capturing even the unspoken desires and emotional triggers of their clientele.

Be on the look for The Mother Daughter Duo on upcoming red carpets, and for the early spring launch of the All Things Beautiful Travel Club, for curated travel experiences for an intimate travel circle. For this Duo, the sky is the limit as they continue to extend their service portfolio, carving out their luxury lifestyle niche to exceed the expectations of a discriminating luxury clientele who can Feel the Difference in Beautiful Living.

All Things Beautiful & Co is Dallas, TX based, with an Internationally driven market.


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