Modeling Industry

Kassandra Diaz
February 21, 2017

When we look at the modeling industry we have to look at it in many different concepts. We as young females and males have to start doing our research to find a good modeling school to attend. We have to gain all the experience and practice so that we can excel and be the best we can.

What did I do? I attended Bella Modeling School in Dallas where I learned runway, speaking on camera, and posing. It was a five (5) month course where I gained knowledge about the modeling industry. When I graduated is when my journey officially began. It doesn't stop with going to school. School is only the beginning. Once we complete school, we need to keep in mind that continued practice builds professionalism. We also need to remember that the more we practice the more comfortable we will feel  in what we are trying to achieve.

What about the “lights, camera, action”? Let’s talk about photoshoots, photographers, and cameras.These things are definitely a model’s best friend. Without these things it will be difficult for you in modeling industry because every great model has an even greater portfolio! I love everything that has to do with cameras, poses, makeup, and fashion so it makes it really easy for me to have fun at photoshoots. I love being  in front of the camera because  it is only me. I'm able to express myself and be in control which makes me feel that I'm able to give my best whenever I step in front of a camera.

Photoshoots allow me to pose in different ways and they allow me to gain more confidence in myself. I can be free with the opportunity to use as many facial expressions I choose. Choosing a photographer is truly important in the modeling industry. You have to make sure you are working with someone that wants to not only build their image but yours as well. I can I say I've had the privilege to work with excellent photographers such as: Burnett Taylor, Marcus Perryman, Omar Ramos and D. Casey. I cannot stress how it t is very important for us to feel comfortable with the photographer. Feeling comfortable with the photographer will also assist with making sure the photoshoot is a success. Make sure that you are able to follow good directions and listen to creative direction the photographer is aiming to capture in the photos.Through all of this; HAVE FUN AND SLAY!

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