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Friday, December 1, 2017
Ke'Aira's Kloset

Am I the only one that has a shoe addiction? Do you ever lose your mind when you see a store with a wide variety of shoes and all of a sudden BOOM! You see a sale sign, buy one get one promotion? What about when you see your favorite celebrity on social media or television with the latest designer shoe, but your budget doesn’t align with your taste in fashion. This blog is for you! We will highlight some of your favorite designer boots in true Fall/ Winter fashion at an affordable price you can not beat.

Recently, designer brand Balenciaga hit a wave with their crazy printed and vibrant color spandex boots. You’ve seen them on so many celebrities with everyday looks as well as gracing the red carpet for this year’s high profile events. Can you say fashion overload? I personally am in love with the pants boot. Yes, they have a line of spandex pants that are actually boots! Want to take a guess at how much the boots cost? Balenciaga boots will run you anywhere from $1,600.00 to $2,000.00.

Don’t you worry! I am here to show you how to get this look for less.

People always ask me where I purchase my shoes. I decided to let you all in on my secret. There is no secret! Some of my favorite affordable online stores are only a click away for any and everyone who wants to look fab. It’s all in the look. I often pick up the unpopular shoe, the shoe that the average shopper will say no to, and the shoe that is too weird or too risky. Another tip in finding that shoe that will make a statement or that makes you confident that no one else will have it on at a function is paying attention to the availability of the shoe on the shelf. If the shoe is stocked in every size, or available in sizes 6-8, you may have a winner. A woman’s shoe size averages in that 6-8 range, so that means those sizes are more than likely the 1st to go. My favorite online shoe stores are Lola Shoetique and Ego Official. These are my go- to sites and they never disappoint me. The best part is that they are both very affordable and the key to getting the look for less!

Get the Look

Anyone that knows me knows that I love mixing prints. It’s bold; it’s different, fun, and an easy way to look fashion forward when done right! I love these floral printed boots inspired by designer Balenciaga of course. They are bold, colorful, and perfect for print mixing. I contrasted this look with a fatigue jacket to give it an edgy look. When mixing prints be sure to have a neutral piece or color to keep them from clashing and to create harmony as well as rhythm. For example a belt to connect a top and bottom, or as I did, I wore black pants to break up the prints in order to create a contrast and to give each print its own shine. I found these boots online at Lola Shoetique for only $32.99. What a money saver! I am wearing an ankle boot but they do come in a thigh boot style as well.


In this next look, I wanted to capture the infinity boot look as seen and inspired by the Balenciaga pants boot. I made sure that the pajama shirt was long enough to cover the top of the spandex boot. It’s sexy and chic, a sure fashion win! I actually found these boots at a boutique in Maryland called One and Only for $50.00. They can also be found at Lola Shoetique, Ego Official, as well as an online site called Go Jane. All of these online stores have this style of boot in multiple colors and prints, as well as your choice of an ankle boot or thigh boot.

All links to my favorite online stores are below.


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