Level Up your Brand Message

Monday, September 3, 2018
Kim Roderick
Get the right clients for your business!

You have the goal of every entrepreneur which is to be both seen & heard and to make money in the process. However, so many of us struggle in the area of getting our message out and being seen right away since we are bombarded with so much information that it becomes hard to decide which way to go. The journey of entrepreneurship is an amazing journey because you are always learning, always getting better, and always growing both personally and professionally. In this journey, especially in the beginning, it takes some real skill to focus on what really applies to what you do, who you are, and ultimately who you serve. See, the real secret is, the more people you serve, the more clear your message becomes. This week, I want to share a few tips on how to level up your brand message and start being seen by the right clients. Let’s get started:

:: Define Your Brand Message:  In order to level up, you’ve got to do some serious homework behind closed doors. Start writing out your message, who you are speaking to, how it will solve the problem, and is it something that people truly need. Does it spark a desire in them to work with you and see them in you as the end result? Define this and you will begin to build the foundation of your brand message. You must define your brand for yourself before you can define it for others. Take some time and think it all the way through.

:: Give Your Brand a Name that Fits your Message: Here is where it may take some work. This is the fun part, but your message and brand has to mirror all aspects of you so much so that you actually live the brand. If you are living the brand, it becomes easy. Why, because everything you do, every decision you make will center around and be called by the brand name. Keep using your brand name in everything. Your conversation when speaking with others, teaching to your audience and potential clients, and everyday should include your brand message. The more people hear your message; the right ones will gravitate to your message. Don’t grow weary if it takes some time. Just keep showing up. This is the part that is called the work. It will test you in many ways on how far you will go and how long you will stay in the game. Even if the results are not super fast. The more you talk about it, the more right clients will show up, and the sooner they will pay you so keep talking.

:: Show up more Frequently: In order to be seen and heard, you have got to show up in your space. You need to be in the know with others in your niche. You can gather ideas of your own from researching what is happening in your market. What if no one knows me? What if I don’t have a huge following? How will they see me and hear me? All great questions!  Here is your answer (the short version): You have to show up in their world. So, you have a message and this message is your brand message. You have a story behind the brand message. You have to show up in their world and let them hear your voice. Use your social media outlets to your advantage. Start researching the problem, find the hole, and begin to fill it with your message. Keep showing up and people will find you. The right people will start watching you and after they study you for a while, they will invest in you.

:: Start a Movement with your Brand: Keep in mind, whatever your brand message is, you have the ability to create a movement with it. All you need is a group of dedicated people (fans) who support who you are, what you do and the good you are doing in the world to help and heal others. That movement can and will become one of your base supports to build your business, increase your revenu, and place you in position to move to a larger platform. This number does not have to be huge to start. What do you do or have created that is near and dear to someone and will offer a solution to them? Start there. It should encompass your brand.

:: Invite Yourself and Introduce your Brand to the World: Sometimes, you’ve got to create the road of success for yourself. Gather a bit of status under your belt, such as testimonials, showcase your work, and give something away. Let them hear you speak. Let people hear your perspective on a particular subject. Be the subject matter expert in your areas. Introduce yourself to new prospects, events, and conferences. You can even host a free call giving something away to show people you are educated about your brand. Invite yourself in and create the path. It won’t build itself. A word of caution: Don’t jump in everything you think may be smoking. This requires strategic planning to connect with the right spaces that can help you gain more visibility and create valuable relationships. All connections are not fruitful and can potentially damage your brand. Stay true to who you are and what your brand represents then watch the magic happen.

Now is the time to level up in all areas of your life and business. Maybe you are already in business and just need a boost. Maybe you are looking to revamp or transform your brand into something greater. Whatever you decide to do, go full out and try these tips along the way. Start over again if you need to. Just be sure to get your message out into the world. Someone is waiting on you!


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