Kylie Jenner SLAYS cosmetics

Kassandra Diaz
January 29, 2017

We all know the fashion industry involves different kinds of fashion. Kylie Jenner has created many different lip kits. On December 9, 2016, Kylie opened her first cosmetic store in Canoga Park, CA. This is definitely a SLAYTASTIC accomplishment. It was so amazing that thousands of people were waiting for the big day to see her cosmetics line.

Personally, my favorite is “Kristen”. She also created glosses and metals which I love. The new Kylie makeup that has been added to her collection are her “Kyshadows” and “Kyliners”. Let’s just say that they are a great addition to your collection! Her first Kyshadow is “the Bronze Palette” and second is the “Burgundy Palette” It’s pretty cool how she implemented her name into her products! Great for marketing!

Kylie used her Snapchat to show us her new ideas and the releasing of her products! What can I say other than, “Thank you Kylie!” I love being kept up to date on her new releases and receiving details on when she will restock her products! Stay tuned for her new products! I know they will be SLAYzing!

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