K104FM Dallas & Hollyhood Bay Bay - #NewBootyContest

Monday, January 23, 2017
LaTarsha Towers
K104 FM Dallas - #NewBooty4NewYear

Everyone's been upset about K104FM Dallas “New Booty” contest. Every post you read shows that someone feels it's degrading and they no longer will or do listen to K104FM. All of that is a personal choice; however, in every business you have to cater to all of your fan base. Above all, K104FM is a business. Yes, they have a large following and reach, which means they're held to a higher standing, but they still have to keep their employees paid and the lights on. How do they do this? They do this by market research to determine their fan base and what will appeal to each member of their fan base. If they only did college scholarship contests or feed the homeless or school appearances, then they wouldn't be catering to their entire fan base. Doing all of those things are great and participating in those types of event is what makes them the humanitarians that they are; however, all of their listeners don't indulge in those types of activities. We have to remember that the radio on stations such as K104FM is used primarily for entertainment. Why does this matter? This matters because they have to entertain their audience. ALL of their audience.

What does this mean to its listeners? Every show, every contest, everything they do on the air won't be for everybody. It's just like the old saying, “everyone is not your friend.” Do you always agree with the actions of celebrities and people of “high profile?” President Obama was hated by many for Obamacare, Kanye West made clothes with holes in them “slay,” and multiple musical artists make a career of songs that are either sexually or verbally explicit.

Who can we blame? Instead of blaming K104FM, how about blaming today's society. Today's society makes it appear that to be a beautiful woman you have to have long hair, a flat stomach, “booty” (for lack of a better word), and heels. This means that any woman that doesn’t fit this stereotype is not beautiful. Tons of women feel self-conscious because they don't fit this stereotype. What's K104FM’s solution? A new booty. Sounds comical, but it does appeal to a portion of their audience. Long story short. K104FM has done and will continue to do more in their community than give a “new booty.” Their staff is the first to come to events that are for a worthy cause and are also the first to go to schools in Dallas to speak to the student body. Let's not condemn them for being the entertainment radio station that they've branded to be. If they're doing a contest or radio segment you don't like, act like its social media and either stroll past their station or just don't listen to them, but don't judge them for doing their jobs. White owned or not; their heart has and will always be pure. It's just a contest! You like all these different social media challenges? Bay Bay likes to give a #NewBooty4NewYear!


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