Joe Mixon Assault Video Release

Sunday, April 23, 2017
LaTarsha Towers
Joe Mixon


Oklahoma running back, Joe Mixon, punching female video release over 2 years later. On Monday, December 19, 2016, a video was released by FOX 29 beginning with the caption, “DISTURBING.” This video also had a recording date stamp of “07/25/2014, 2:39:28 AM.” No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. It actually says “2014!” The caption alarmed everyone to view the video because an Oklahoma football player punched a female student who sustained multiple injuries that included a broken jaw and cheekbone. The video also advises that it is being viewed courtesy of Joe Mixon and Attorneys at Crowe & Dunlevy. When reading a caption that advises that a male hits a woman and to add insult to injury this male is running back for a school, you immediately jump to the side of the woman. Right? Then you watch the video and you notice that this female student that sustained these injuries attacked Joe Mixon first. Oh, did I mention that this video from over two (2) years ago does not contain any sound? Yeah, another elevator video of another known athlete isn’t it? In this video, there are three individuals that are in the footage and one individual sitting at the table that you can see the tip of their head. There is a conversation of some sort that must have went wrong because one of the individuals slides to the side and Mixon turns to walk away then when he turns around because the female is addressing him she immediately makes physical connection with him. He motioned towards

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her but does not hit her and then she hits him in the face so he retaliates. Let’s recap. A conversation transpires, he prepares to exit, she says something to him, he turns to see what she said, she makes physical contact in his personal space by physically attacking his chest, he motions but still does not harm her after he has already been personally attacked, she thinks she can get away with it so she proceeds to hit him when he tries to push her off of him from attacking his chest, and he retaliates by hitting her.

Who’s at fault? Keeping in mind that there is not any audio to this video, but does what was said really matter? Is the female entitled to attack another person and become the victim just because this other person that she decided to attack is a KNOWN athlete? Why would anyone attack another person let alone someone who is trained to take tackles as a career without expecting injuries? Why would the trained athlete not be entitled to retaliate when someone continues to attack them? Are they not human? Do we understand that in life anything can happen and go wrong? No, she does not have the physical strength that Mixon has; however, she knew this prior to attacking him. What did she expect to happen other than injuries? Let’s play it out a different way. Let’s say he did not hit her and continued to allow her to attack him then he slips and falls while trying to back away from her and hits his head on the counter that was behind him. Who would be the victim at his possible funeral? Let’s not get things confused because we read all of these comments saying that a man that hits a woman is a coward. Let’s correct that. A man that “beats” a woman for no reason is a coward. This means that man that physically assaults a woman because he’s having a bad day or any other situation where the woman does not attempt to cause him bodily harm is a coward. This situation is not the same scenario. This is not a couple out on a date and he decided to punch her in the face. She clearly attacked him first and the camera shows it.

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There are not any possibilities or exceptions to the rule. You do not physically attack another human or animal for that matter if you are not prepared for the repercussions. It’s life. You are taught as a child that “words do not hurt” and even though they can actually hurt your feelings; they cannot cause a broken jaw and cheekbone which means that she should have allowed him to walk away as he was starting to do or fought with her words! We have got to stop teaching our daughters that it is okay to assault a man because “a real man won’t hit a woman”. That is setting them up for the ultimate failure. We are all human and as humans we should respect everyone the same. We should never result to violence. If we do decide to result to violence, the aggressor should always be prepared for the outcome and be careful with the opponents that they select. Feel free to view the video on the Facebook page of FOX 29 via the link below.


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