Is your show in NYFW or during NYFW?

Monday, May 21, 2018
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Real NYFW or nah?


[Part 2 of a 4-Part Narrative]. 

Let me discuss "New York Fashion Week". This time I will break it down, so that everyone can understand. Everything that is said here can be GOOGLED for verification. 

Many Aspiring Models and Aspiring Designers here in DFW & the Southwest are assuming and saying they are doing, presenting or being seen at New York Fashion Week. I am sad to say YOU ARE NOT! I will explain why so keep reading. 

MODELS: There are specific Height and Size Requirements for participation. Females: 5'10-6'0"/bare feet; Dress size: 0-4. Men: 5'11-6'3"; Jacket Size: 38 - 42L; Waist Size: 28-32. 

DESIGNERS: It takes at least 2 to 4 years before you can really present at NYFW plus you need an operating budget of at least $100,000 and that is a bare minimum Fashion Show where you still have not paid everybody with a space rental fee of about $15,000 - $60,000. 

The "Real" NYFW is under the control of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) with an elite membership of 500 of the top names in the industry. You must be elected or invited for membership consideration ( 

If you do not meet the criteria for the above listed categories and are participating in a fashion show during NYFW, you are doing a Fashion Show that is going on during NYFW; however, it is not officially part of the "Real" NYFW. Some of you may say, "well I am doing a Fashion Show at the Roosevelt Hotel". That Fashion Show on 9/7 - 9/9/18 is part of the Fashion Society Week which is the largest Fashion tour that comes to other major cities. "Walk Fashion Shows" were inspired by this organization. The tickets are $50-$200 whereas at NYFW the tickets are $400-$4500 unless you are invited by the designer. People do your RESEARCH and ask questions. Don't be fooled or made to look like a fool by spouting incorrect information. 

Enough said. PART 3....coming soon where we will answer the question "What is a Modeling Agency?".

By: Isacc Birdlong


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