Is Mentoring a Thing of the Past?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Slay Magazine

When I was in grade school, career day was the day several professionals from various professional backgrounds would come to school and tell the children about their careers. Whether the jobs were cool to the children or not, kids would learn about many professions and ask questions.

"Why did you pick this career?" "How long were you in school to get this job?" "Do you like your job?" "How much money do you make?"

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There were other programs in place for children to assist them in picking careers for their futures. One of them was my favorite, job shadowing. Being able to follow someone around for a day to see what it's like having that job, or if you were still interested after a day of working in that position. These programs were not limited to grade schools. Some colleges offer this to assist students gaining further knowledge in their majors.

Seems like there are many options for the youth to grow into the working world, right? But what if someone didn't want to attend college? What advice would you give someone straight out of college looking for that opportunity?

The first answer that may come to mind is advising that person to find an internship or mentor. How do you find someone to take the time to show you how to master the craft? I don't mean accomplishing this by applying or sending in applications to become an intern at a job. I mean having the "big brother/sister" taking time showing you exactly how to master your craft.

When watching celebrities or other well-known figures of various professions detail their journey to success, one thing they stressed were the opportunities that were given to them from other people. They had people around to further increase their knowledge. They didn't do it by themselves.

In today's generation, you hardly see anyone pushing other individuals to that level of greatness. It is impossible to fathom because you having so many entrepreneur minded people today, thanks to social media.Is the idea of having a mentor too old for this generation?

Is the idea of mentoring a thing of the past?

By: Aaron Lewis


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