How to Slay the Perfect Brow

Saturday, October 15, 2016
Slay Magazine

A pair of earrings or a fancy ring isn’t your best accessory; it’s your brows. Whether you like them perfectly arched or feathered and full, they’re the one that has the power to slay your face and transform your features.  

Now, If you’re like me, when it comes to meeting women I tend to look at her eyebrows! We know it’s wrong, but we can’t help it, we love the brow movement and we want them for ourselves. Well, I got you covered on how to slay those eyebrows the right way with some techniques along with do’s and don’ts to perfect the brow. So, let’s get started.

First and foremost, start with a nice, clean and tamed brow!  Whether you want your brows to look structured and precise, or wild and unruly, brushing your brows is the most important step.  Avoid traditional brow combs because they can be harsh and irritate skin. The Tarte Shape Shifter Double Ended Bamboo Brow Brush is the perfect brush because its pointed tip can groom and separate, while the brush can fluff and soften brows without removing product. Start at the root of the brow hair and pull in the direction of hair growth for a groomed look.

Secondly, I recommend taking into account your overall face shape and natural brow growth pattern rather than forcing brows into a harsh specific shape. Brows will naturally reveal their ideal shape when they haven't been plucked for at least six to eight weeks.  Always be mindful of high or low arches and sharp angles according to your face shape. A quick tip: Have fun with the shades and sizes but don’t go overboard and create an overly surprised brow.


Third, use fillers! There are several different ways to add depth and opacity to your eyebrows: When opting for a pencil, choose one that has a very fine tip in order to create small strokes that will minimize actual hairs. When filling in brows, use a product that is a touch lighter and more muted than your brow hair color in order to achieve a natural look, In any medium, If you find that you applied too much product, try gently pressing on the brow with your clean fingertip to soften the color.  Remember, do have patience when you’re working on your eyebrow. Take your time, and acknowledge your natural arch and the length when applying makeup .


Finally, when trimming brows, you will need small scissors and a spoolie to comb them (or a clean mascara wand works). The brow hair in the tail should be longer in order to add opacity and length to the tail.  Comb hairs upward at an angle, in the direction of the brow. If any hairs are noticeably longer than others or hang over the edge, snip sparingly. Once you’re finished, slay those brows with a bit of translucent powder over the arches to set the brow. This will keep your brows looking fresh and flawless.

By: Bridget Pace


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