How do you SLAY a casual day?

Kassandra Diaz
January 29, 2017

    Fashion can start with a simple wardrobe. As for me, I like the clothes from Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Some nice pair of jeans, shirt and boots can bring out the beauty in any female. It will make you look SLAYtabulous! As females, we have the option to dress casual or formal because of the different styles of clothes. So, how do you SLAY?


Where do we leave the make up and the hair? These two things are also part of a female’s wardrobe. For a casual day, you could do your makeup simple. Some foundation, neatly arched eyebrows, and some light lipstick will definitely do the trick. If you are seeking a more formal look, you will need to be a little bit more bold in your color scheme. There are so many ways we could do our hair for a casual day. Always keep in mind that your hair is also part of your attire. You could try your hair looks as straight down, a nice ponytail or two side braids. What if the occasion is more formal? A formal hairstyle could be an updo, a cute braided, or hair down.

    When I think about fashion it starts from my head to my toes. A simple wardrobe in your closet will make you look AMAZING!!!!

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