Home Loans for Entrepreneurs

Friday, June 25, 2021
Slay Entertainment, LLC

No W2? No Tax Return? No Problem!

Prime One Home Loans has loans designed specifically for self-employed, small business owner, and independent contractor individuals. They specialize in ENTREPRENEUR LOANS also known as Bank Statement Loans. If you are among the 15 million and GROWING Americans who are self-employed, you’ll be glad to know that Prime One Home Loans understand how your financial profile can be different from borrowers who earn a regular salary.

We understand.

Do you love your FREEDOM? Do you appreciate FLEXIBILITY? Are you READY TO PURCHASE A HOME? Is not having all the documentation that typical mortgage financing requires stopping you from purchasing a home? At Prime One Home Loans, they use calculations of your REVENUE based on the type of self-employed business you operate.

If you are self-employed and looking for a bank statement mortgage, look no further!

Let Prime One Home Loans get you qualified based on your BANK ACCOUNT balances so that are not asked to submit documents you don’t have. For these loans, they use a calculation of your revenue shown on your last 12-24 months of bank statements as a measure of your income. No W-2 or tax return required! Please note the Bank Statement Mortgage Loan for self-employed is designed for those whose true income is documented by their bank statements. Another qualification for this loan is a credit score of 620 or higher.

Who do you know that is READY to get QUALIFIED? Bailey Watson Real Estate Group can assist soon to be home owners in EVERY state except NY. Apply via the below link.



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