Health and Fitness Tip

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Angela Quinn

Did you know that drinking water with lemon in the morning helps the body? It helps by:

• Firing up your metabolism

• Hydrating the body

We must keep our body hydrated in order for everything to work properly and for us to feel better. After going all night without drinking water, the cup first thing in the morning starts off the daily hydration with a boost of energy.

• Helping with digestion

• Flushing out toxins

The lemon juice will release stored toxins, which will facilitate nutrient absorption and the water helps to flush these toxins out

• Giving your brain fuel

The potassium in lemons help with an increase in brain functions

• Providing vitamin C for the immune system

The immune system relies on vitamin C to operate at its best. Lemons are a great source that your body could absorb quickly.

The benefits of lemon sound pretty good! So Wake, Drink that lemon water and get ready to Slay your day!!


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