Gray Is In

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Slay Magazine

The newest hair trend is one that defies age.  Gray hair or as others call it "granny hair" is making a big impact in the fashion and beauty industry.  I’m sure that you’ve noticed some of the young celebs sporting grayish toned hairstyles this summer.  If it’s combined with a cute artistic style and hue, this color actually fits a lot of people.  If we are all blessed with a long life, we will see our hair turn this color. If you have been thinking of taking your hair color to another level, you have to first weigh several options.

1. A gray color will require several bleaching lifts.  It is suggested that you stop dyeing your hair for at least 6 months before you attempt the color.  

2. You would also want to deep condition your hair a few weeks before the actual bleaching process. 

3. Once your natural color is lifted a purple toner is used in order to counteract the yellow undertones.  The actual grey dye will hold better when the hair has white-silver undertones.  

This whole process is something that is a bit tedious but for some the risk is worth the reward.  If this is the route that you choose, I highly suggest that you get your hair professionally colored or you will be trying to sell bald and brittle as the new hair trend.  Many opt for the safer route by utilizing wigs and/or hairpieces.  This is a great way to try out the color.  It also gives you style variety because the weaves or wigs will come in a variety of hues that you can cater to your skin complexion.  It is also temporary and less damaging to your own hair.  I do like the uniqueness of having a premature grey head of hair but I think that I will wait till it occurs naturally. 

By: Foxx Mouton


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