Grey Clothing: Why Grey is the New Black

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Slay Magazine

Prepare to see a world of grey as the fashion world adopts 'grey,' pushing 'black' and 'white' out of top place as base fashion colors. Experts also predict that this trend towards grey will move fashion away from favoring a casual look to a more conservative, refined, 'neat and tidy' sort of look.

Grey is a massive trend this season, and there is something incredibly refined about this color, and the minimal effect it has, that makes it very easy to play the posh card and play with rich, small details that give you a luxurious yet minimal air to the whole look. I absolutely LOVE it. It's effortless. Crispy but soft, rich but underestimated.

We must admit that gray is a very elegant shade with a low dose of sadness and coldness. While designers suggest stormy greys as accent shades, others encourage head-to-toe looks in the muted tone for this season, which are heavily influenced by the grey fashion trend, and have made appearances on runways in Paris, New York, Milan and even Toronto.

Will grey become more than a sweater, a pair of pants or a coat in a look? This color is neutral and very easy to combine, looks fantastic with pop colors such as red, or even light yellow and light blue tones. So, a grey sweater with jeans and red lips is a perfect combination for chic Saturday.

All grey suits look amazing with red nails, red lips and red shoes. The grey can also be used when you choose a simple T-shirt, distressed jeans and a black leather jacket. You end up looking like those rebellious cool girls on the music posters. Only add red lips and people will stop you for an autograph.

No matter how you choose to wear grey, whether it’s a totally grey appearance or some grey items in your garment, be sure that you look fashionable and cool!I hope that I will inspire you for your upcoming grey days.... ‘Til later.

By: Bridget Pace


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