Fine Dining with Chef Patrick & Celebrity Chef Ced Sizzle

Monday, January 23, 2017
Aimee Robinson
Valentine's Day treat

It's almost Valentine's Day 2017 and there's no better way to spend it than by SLAYing it with some great chefs! What a marvelous Valentine's Day 2016 experience! “Wow” was definitely the word choice of the night. From the atmosphere to the table décor to the jazz music to the entertainment in the kitchen to the best fine dining meal I’ve ever had, just SIMPLY AMAZING!

After making a few trips to the kitchen, I knew we were in for a treat. I watched the food get prepped, cooked, and plated. When I say they were rocking in that kitchen, they were ROCKING IN THAT KITCHEN! The vibe and the passion that these two Chefs have, along with their staff, was like they had all been working together for years.

The elegant table décor as well as the music definitely set the tone for the night, especially the exquisite menu:

1st course: Grilled Asparagus, Egg Salad, and Smoked Salmon.

2nd course: Grilled Lamb Chop & Shrimp Kabob, Scaloppini of Salmon and Grass Fed Beef, Roasted Brussels’ Sprouts with 2 sauces - Black Berry Jack Daniels Reduction and Grain Mustard, and Rosemary Whipped Sweet Potatoes.

3rd course: Warm Chocolate Cake Molten, Raspberries, and Candied Golden White Chocolate Jack Daniels Sauce

I was intrigued with the mixture of the Egg Salad with the Smoked Salmon and it was definitely a taste that I had never experienced. It was soooo wonderful!  And, ohhhhh, the meal, the meal, the meal, THE MEAL, it was definitely one to die for! Every bite was perfect!! AND, I can’t even speak on that DESSERT…GEESH! Just PHENOMENAL!! I really cannot wait until my next meal!!

I was able to spend some time speaking with Chef Ced Sizzle (Ludacris’ personal Chef) and Chef Patrick. Now, that was a treat!!  We talked about some exclusive and personal things that they have in the works as well as how they got started and future goals. I honestly can’t wait to see them in action in the future!  If you are in need of personal chefs or in need of a chef for an event, you can find both chefs on Facebook under Patrick Whitfield (Chef Patrick) and Cedric T. Bradley (Chef Ced Sizzle). Make sure you look them up!!


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