Finding Your Space as an Entrepreneur

Friday, August 25, 2017
Kim Roderick

In the life of an entrepreneur, there is always something you can be doing more of. I’ve found that there is one thing in particular that you can do, along the way, to help you flow and thrive in your niche. That is, to remember that this is a journey and you will constantly evolve and grow as you move forward in your life and business. One of the great lessons you will bump into on your journey of becoming better and creating better results is how to find your space. You see, everyone plays a part in the world of entrepreneurship. We are called to serve others in various capacities. I like to look at it like an assembly line so to speak. Some help the fledgelings get started and build the foundation of their business (that’s me). Then there are those in the position to help those entrepreneurs who are more seasoned, break upper limits such as expansion, and income. There are groups of people in place for every level and season of life in the journey of entrepreneurship.

So this means, the longer you are on the path, the more you will be able to perfect your craft and find your space. You will know when you have found your space because you’ll come to a place where you are no longer operating in fear and anxiety (most times worrying about things like, not marketing enough and looking like everyone else). In essence, you are in a space of calmness. This calmness is a culmination of confidence, peace, acceptance and satisfaction. There is a difference in those who are confident in what they offer the world and those who are constantly on pins and needles and never able to be completely settled or satisfied. There are a few key concepts you can implement into your routine to help guide you into your space. Keep in mind that in order to find your space, you must be open to the process. Relax and and most importantly, surrender to the fact that everything takes time.

Try incorporating these concepts into your daily routine as steps toward finding your space:

  1. Focus on the “One” Thing: This means focus on the one thing you do really well within your business; stay laser focused and master it. If you do multiple things, consider outsourcing some tasks that don’t require you to learn an entirely new skill to get the job done.
  2. Commit to Being a Better Version of Yourself: In order for you to deliver the best version of your products and services, it is imperative that you dive into personal development. That’s right. Becoming the best version of you is a conduit to better business. When you strive to be a better version of yourself day after day, people take notice and they want to become a part of your space. The benefits of personal development allows you to create several platforms that are streams of revenue. It makes you to stand out and become more visible & more visibility leads to more of everything!
  3. Become SOLD out on your Product or Service:  You must believe in what you do so much that there is no doubt in your mind that what you have to offer is the solution for a specific need. This means the passion you have surrounding your product should be contagious; that’s the secret to getting the sale. The more you zone in and focus on your craft, the better you are able to serve the world with your product and/or service. This creates confidence!

Now that you have a few concepts to incorporate into your daily routine, take some time to reflect on where you are in finding your space. If you’re already thriving-great! Stay in that energy and space. If you’re in a rut or just starting out, get ready to run the race. You know the saying; the race is not given to the fast or the swift. Get in the game with a mindset of longevity and focus on what you do well. As you stay on this path, you will become more confident. You will become more at ease. You will eventually find your space and thrive there. Give yourself time to grow into this space. Everything is a process and takes time. Don’t get stuck, get started. The journey is yours. Let us begin with the end in mind. Find your space.


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