Donald Trump Bans School Lunch and Afterschool Programs

Saturday, March 18, 2017
LaTarsha Towers
#donaldTrump #FreeSchoolLunch #AfterschoolCancel

Usually, I do not indulge in the “Trump talk”; however, this is getting out of hand. Recently, Donald Trump has been the trending topic on media outlets for saying that President Obama tapped his phones, beefing with Snoop Dogg which led to a viral response by T.I., aiming to remove free lunch, and attempting to cancel after-school programs.

Is this guy serious? As a mother, things start getting really serious when he brings in the schools. You want to build walls? Whatever! You want to lie on the former president? Someone should handle that. You want to argue with artists for voicing their opinions? Totally your choice. However, I have to say that interfering with working parents is taking things entirely too far.

What’s the importance of free lunch? Although it is an extremely difficult subject, FREE school breakfast and lunch in some areas are the only meals some kids eat. Sounds really bad, right? It is however a fact. Taking away the two free meals that these kids eat will inevitably leave these kids with nothing. Since this is a sore topic for many schools, it is also one of the main reasons that these schools implemented a free lunch program during the summer. Let’s also discuss the cost of these school lunches. I calculated the cost of school lunch that we spend on my daughter. My daughter is in elementary school and per week for lunch alone it is almost $25! Yes, $25! This does not include snacks, extra sides, juice, or anything else. This also does not include breakfast. This means on an average month we spend $100 for school lunch. Do you think a low-income family can afford an additional $100 a month to spend on school lunch? True, reduced lunch is an option; however, how much would that save them? 20 or 30 dollars? True, every little bit helps; however, the current free lunch stipulations will help even more.

What’s the importance of afterschool programs? Now, this topic I must say I see both sides. My argument with afterschool programs that are attached to the school is really simple. What do you actually teach our children? I have had my daughter in both afterschool programs attached to the school and programs that are not. Although my preference is honestly the programs that are not attached to the school, there were times when my bank account said differently. Programs attached to the schools are much cheaper. My take on them is that they are highly necessary because everyone cannot afford the rates of some of these aftercare facilities. Imagine this. When my daughter was at an aftercare facility not attached to the school, I paid almost $500 a month. Yes, $500! When my daughter was attending the afterschool program attached to her school, I did not even pay half that amount! Can you imagine a low-income family paying an additional $500 a month for their child to attend an afterschool program? Let’s think about this. Most parents have no other choice but to put their child in an afterschool program. If school gets out at 2:50 pm and kids must be picked up by 3:15 pm, what would parents do if they do not get off work until 5 pm? Where would their child go while they are working?

If afterschool programs are cancelled, it would definitely make it harder for most families to earn a living. It’s not like you can pick your child up by 3:15 pm and then take them back to work with you until 5 pm. Well, this is not an option at most companies. Another great thing about afterschool programs attached to the schools is that they normally staff interns which gives them actual on the job training. This means that not only does the afterschool programs attached to the school saves parents’ money; they also provide work experience for college students who are pursuing a career in education.

Donald Trump is creating a lot of commotion in just a few months of his presidency. It’s been so much of a commotion that even the “non-political” citizens are woke in an attempt to take a stand of some sort. I must say the memes are hilarious; however, this is truly not comical. If the changes he is making and/or attempting to make is an indication of the next couple of years, both the rich and the poor plus the immigrants are in for a rude awakening.


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