DeDe McGuire SLAYs Women's Month

March 17, 2019

DeDe McGuire, host of nationally syndicated “DeDe In The Morning” on K104 FM & Women’s Champ, kicked off Women’s History Month on a celebratory note with her 2nd annual Women’s History Month Kickoff Luncheon powered by EW Lawyers March 1, 2019 at the Renaissance Hotel Dallas. This year 500+ women came together to lunch with a purpose to celebrate and honor one another’s success.

We sat down to dine and dish empowerment with insightful women presenters and keynote speakers.

• Mahisa Dellinger, CEO of Curls

• Sabrina Harrison, Mint Dentistry

• Stephanie Carter, First Lady of Concord Church

• Pat Smith, Author/ Writer

• Lady Jade, Radio Personality

• Kristi Nelson, NBC 5 Anchor

• Jessica Shepard MD, Media Health Expert

• Veronica Torres Hazley, Founder of Hey Chica Summit

• Betsy Price, Mayor of Fort Worth

Whom are all industry standouts known for their ongoing contributions to the empowerment of women in business, activism, media, entertainment, fashion, politics, and beyond. Each woman shared an intimate peek inside their lives, powerful testimonies as to how true grit and perseverance set the stage for ultimate success, personal experiences and leanings, reminding women what it means to be an empowered female.

Proceed from DeDe’s Women’s History Month Kickoff Luncheon benefit The DeDe McGuire Foundation, the initiative helps create stronger families & communities by strengthening the role of women. During the luncheon the 10 amazing women whom were recipients of the $2,500.00 “DeDe’s- Do- Over” Scholarship were honored & highlights were shared of how this 2nd chance has impacted their lives. DeDe McGuire is definitely helping make the most of 2nd chances!

Part of keeping women's history alive is to talk about their stories, whether the conversation is about a well-known woman or an unsung hero! The empowerment that fill the room was amazing. There were so many phenomenal women in one room who are building legacies and making history. DeDe’s Women’s History Month Kickoff Luncheon is definitely a conversation that should not be missed & this celebratory kickoff vital in trailblazing the momentum as we celebrate women this month.

I would like to give a special shout out to all of the women who attended that organically bonded while exchanging life experiences, prayers, hugs, laughs, selfies, business ideas and encouraging one another to embrace their power.

To catch the SLAY from DeDe’s 2nd Annual Women’s History Month Kickoff Luncheon, simply search the following hashtags on social media #DeDeInTheMorning #TheWomensChamp #DeDeMcguireFoundation #InspiringWomenInspiringChange #WomensHistoryMonth #SlayMagazine #TheSlayMagazine #NAtoriouslyFierce

Da’Naja (NAtoriously Fierce™) Mosley

Da'Naja (NAtoriously Fierce™) Mosley is a 10 year old dancer, model, actress, speaker, and entrepreneur from Dallas, TX known for her charisma & LARGER than life size personality! She recently started building her Brand and Business NAtoriously Fierce™. NAtoriously Fierce™ is nothing less than the description to describe this star in the making! 

Da'Naja has a passion for empowering, motivating, and inspiring other children to be courageous about following their dreams because she feels that age is only a number not a limit. With God we can do all things through Christ whom strengthens us.

Not only is Da'Naja focused on building her talents. She excels academically as a member of the National Elementary Honors Society (NEHS), member of the Gifted & Talented program, and straight “A” student.


One of Da’Naja’s favorite quotes was spoken by Walt Disney, whom stated, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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