DeDe McGuire "Radio Royalty "

Da’Naja (NAtoriously Fierce™) Mosley
August 25, 2017

DeDe McGuire, the hardest working woman in radio. This talented and award winning personality is one of only a few women nationwide to have her own morning show “DeDe in the Morning”, heard weekday mornings on KKDA/ K104 FM Dallas, Texas. I (Da’Naja Mosley- SLAY Magazine Youth Blogger) had the honor of sitting down with DeDe McGuire to conduct an Exclusive Interview at the Zerlene Rogers Beauty and Brains Scholarship Brunch Sunday August 13th, 2017. Catch the Exclusive interview right here with SLAY Magazine. Here’s what she had to say:

(Da’Naja) Being one of the few women nationwide to host their own morning show, what obstacles have you faced along the way?

(DeDe McGuire) “Some of the obstacles were a lot of people didn’t believe I could do it, a lot of people thought oh my God there is no way a woman could do it, this had to be the biggest obstacle that I encountered. Another is overcoming self-doubt, not allowing small- minded people to convince me that my dreams were too big. I knew I could do it!”

(Da’Naja) What advice would you give to all the young ladies out there who would like to be successful and do great things in life?

(DeDe McGuire) “My advice is to go for it! Every great achievement begins with a decision to try. That would be my biggest advice. Believe in you and believe in yourself that you can do it. I mean you’re living proof and such an inspiration, you’re amazing to me! Take inspiration from other women, you see them do it and you can do it to and never hate. Don’t be a hater, I hate haters. Well I should say I’m not a fan. It’s pure jealousy, if they just own up to the fact that they are jealous and rise themselves, on their own they would stop being haters. Happy people don’t hate, I’ve noticed that. People who are happy with themselves are not generally the ones that hate. So, become happy and you will stop hating.

(Da’Naja) What does beauty and brains mean to you?

(DeDe McGuire) “You! No really you are absolutely amazing, when you came into the radio station your beauty number one you are just a beautiful young lady inside and out and the brains part is just as amazing! Women and young girls like you, define beauty and brains. We are not allowing beauty to just be defined by looks, we’re not allowing beauty to be defined by the outside. Beauty is who you are as a person on the inside, and it is about the energy that you radiate and give off. Your energy and everything about you is beautiful. There are a lot a lot of beautiful women on this planet we just have to recognize and own our beauty.”

DeDe McGuire, I would like to personally thank you for being such a Phenomenal Women and Empowering me to be in control of my own destiny! It was such a pleasure to sit down with you again and an absolute honor to be the one conducting your exclusive interview! I wish you continued success in all aspects of your life and may God continue to Bless you abundantly always!  Thank you for SLAYING with me and SLAY Magazine!

Make sure you tune in to "DeDe in the Morning" on K104 FM (Dallas, TX) Monday- Friday from 6 AM until 10 AM along with co-host Lady Jade and comedian Mike Shawn!

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