Dear Queens- EGXL Presents.....

April 9, 2017

What happens when you get some of the most talented up-and-coming makeup artists, hair stylists, models, designers, and artists that Dallas has to offer in the same building at one time, using their talents, supporting one another, mixing, mingling, and fashionably dressed? You get the 1st Annual “Royal Redemption Fashion Show” to raise Domestic Violence Awareness presented by Eminent Gold Line XL (EGXL)! 

I was able to get a peek at the collections from designers such as Mad Luv, Shaded D, Stamped721, Studio 1706, and Acyndi. I had an absolute ball meeting so many talented entrepreneurs that came together instead of tearing each other down because we can all come up without knocking others down on the way to the top!

"EGXL uplifts, empowers and encourages all women. EGXL takes your broken pieces and helps you mend them back together. EGXL takes your discouragement and fears and turns it in to strength and power. EGXL helps you reach your goals and dreams. EGXL teaches you how to remain a woman of integrity and humility when the world treats you cold. I am EGXL. You are EGXL. Our crown may slip but once we are done crying and being afraid we calmly and peacefully readjust it. Wear your crown proudly." - Founder and CEO of EGXL Tay Loring

It is truly amazing and inspiring what Founder and CEO Tay Loring is doing to empower the youth and women. We are Queens, we are EGXL! Special thanks to my BFF Tam MUA- Tamber Rhynes for slaying my life, Carlos Randle for the opportunity to slay the runway representing your brand MAD LUV, and Tay Loring for allowing me to be a part of this SLAYtastic event!      

If you want to check out some of the showcased styles and experience a taste of this SLAYnominal event simply search #TheSlayMagazine #SlayMagazine #NAtoriouslyFierce™ on social media!

Domestic Violence affects more than 12 million people in the United States each year. For help for yourself, friend, or family member contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline.


Da’Naja (NAtoriously Fierce™) Mosley

Da'Naja (NAtoriously Fierce™) Mosley is a 10 year old dancer, model, actress, speaker, and entrepreneur from Dallas, TX known for her charisma & LARGER than life size personality! She recently started building her Brand and Business NAtoriously Fierce™. NAtoriously Fierce™ is nothing less than the description to describe this star in the making! 

Da'Naja has a passion for empowering, motivating, and inspiring other children to be courageous about following their dreams because she feels that age is only a number not a limit. With God we can do all things through Christ whom strengthens us.

Not only is Da'Naja focused on building her talents. She excels academically as a member of the National Elementary Honors Society (NEHS), member of the Gifted & Talented program, and straight “A” student.


One of Da’Naja’s favorite quotes was spoken by Walt Disney, whom stated, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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