Saturday, May 13, 2017
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We are excited to announce that Curlkalon Hair will be celebrating their 2 year anniversary celebration on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 3pm-7pm. The event will take place at: 1660 East New York Avenue Suite 414, Brooklyn, NY 11212 . There will be live demonstration from the Curlkalon Brand Ambassador, Dani'T. Plus, a live Q&A.  

Curlkalon Hair is a protective styling brand that is the first to offer women pre-curled and looped 100% synthetic hair designed to match her natural hair texture using the crochet braid method of installation. Curlkalon Hair offers solutions to women who are looking for low maintenance hair care options, and is a cost-effective alternative to human hair. Curlkalon is meant to give every woman beautiful, bouncy and effortless hair that keeps her stylishly confident.

The CEO of Curlkalon Hair, Shavone Riggins; is creating a positive community and purposeful - confident women in our world today. Shavone created a protective hair styling solutions brand that provides pre-looped, textured curls using the installation method of crochet braiding to achieve effortless curl crochet hair styles.

Shavone has turned a problem she faced as a natural hair wearer for 12 years into a solution to her hair maintenance that became less time consuming through crochet braid protective hair styling as a busy mother of 6 into a 7-figure company in under one year that has now shipped out over 2 million effortless curls providing "Curls with Confidence" to women worldwide.

Before devoting her work full-time to Curlkalon Hair, Shavone served as a Digital Marketing Agent with million -dollar brands and organizations whose clients include The Mane Choice, Mueller Choice, Mueller Water Systems, Family Promise of Gwinnett, Haute Kinky Hai, and Natalie MacNeil. 

Shavone provides the goals and vision to Curlkalon Hair and is happy spending her days inspiring women to be filled with confidence through being more than what they've come from, one goal at a time. 

 Follow the "Girl Behind the Curl" on Instagram @Shavone_Riggins as she shares uplifting, motivating, and encouraging words that empowers more women into a future filled with greatness through self-identity and purpose!

To RSVP for Media Credentials for Curlkalon Hair 2 Year Anniversary email: 




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