Celebrities are People Too

Saturday, April 29, 2017
LaTarsha Towers
Fan Love

Quite often on social media or shows like TMZ show how “fans” behave around celebrities. When these celebrities say, “No pictures” or do not write autographs on demand, why do “fans” act like that celebrity has created the ultimate sin? Why do “fans” find it necessary to blast

(and I use that word loosely) the celebrity on social media? Are celebrities not people too? Does someone that has decided to be on television or create music or play a professional sport equal no longer being human? Does someone that chose one of those professions as their CAREER make them super human? Check out these top three (3) reasons why fans should think before acting.

  1. Celebrities are actually HUMAN BEINGS! I know it’s hard to believe, right? I am being highly sarcastic. Yes, they are regular people who have simply chosen a profession that puts them in the public eye. This does not mean that you can treat them any different than you would want someone to treat you. No one is happy and chipper every day. People, including celebrities, have bad days. They have days where they have to dash to the mall to pick up something but truly do not feel like being bothered. They have days when their spouse or kids or boss (because celebrities are hired by whomever that writes their checks) have gotten on their nerves and they just do not feel like signing or interacting with people more than they have to interact with them.    
  2. Celebrities have feelings too. What does this mean? This means that you should not be shocked or stunned when they “clap back” on social media to your rude comments. Yes, they are supposed to remain professional but not because they are a celebrity. They are supposed to remain professional because as ADULTS we are supposed to remain professional when people are behaving recklessly; however, everyone has the point of “I am fed up” and returns inappropriate remarks with even more inappropriate remarks. This does not make them bad people. This does not mean they do not appreciate their fans. This simply means that you cannot poke at people just because their “job” is supposed to make you safe.
  3. Celebrities deserve privacy. Do we really think that just because someone is considered a celebrity that they do not deserve a level of privacy? Seriously? Quite often you see people on social media acting like they know someone because of a television show, movie, or scripted reality show. Do not believe the hype! These people are doing their job but it just so happens that their job requires pretending to be someone for your entertainment. Do not form an “I like” or an “I do not like” opinion of a person to which you have never personally held a two second conversation. Remember, that we want people to not judge us while we judge someone else that we have never and will possibly never meet in real life. How is that fair?

Basically, we are saying that celebrities do not deserve to be slandered and criticized for something that people who are not celebrities do on a daily basis just because of their status. They did not run for a political position to which they are supposed to govern themselves a certain way. They are simply people following their dreams and living out their passions. As a “fan,” one should give them a break and be more understanding if they encounter a celebrity that’s not having a good day. More than anything, as a “fan,” one should respect the desires of others and give them their space. I met R. Kelly in the Walmart in Addison, TX. He was open to hugs, autographs, and even small talk; however, his only request was that we not take pictures. Maybe it was because he did not feel he was dressed for pictures. Maybe he did not feel like

Image result for celebrity spotting

smiling and posing for a picture. Who knows and I did not ask. I simply appreciated him taking the time to small talk with me about Slay Magazine and his music then hugged him and walked away. Remember, respect is a two-way street and it is endless until someone decides that they no longer want to be respectful. Make the street endless by being mindful and respectful of the requests of everyone.


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